Oscar Sanchez – Airports before and after 9/11

Oscar Sanchez, my uncle from Mexico travelled 1-3 times a month to the United States (including New York) in 2001. He discusses his experience in airports before and after the terrorist attacks on 9/11. (Interview recorded through a call)

An Immigrant Journy to the US

My father talks about his journey of illegally crossing the US border in 2003 from Mexico. The stuggles and changes he went through to get a better life for his family. The misconceptions that Mexicans have on life in the...

Arnaldo Salinas and Liz Velez-Salinas

Husband and wife Arnaldo "13" Salinas (62) and Liz Velez-Salinas (48) talk about their marriage, their upbringings, and the values that they have instilled in their children. Together, they reflect on how Liz's terminal cancer diagnosis has impacted their approach...

9/11 Interview

A discussion about 9/11 and it’s aftermath with my father Keith Kalinger who grew up in New Jersey and was born in New York.

Jovan Miles and Daniel Enger

The Principal of Thomasville Heights Elementary School, Jovan Miles (37), shares his life story, as well as, reflections on the strengths and challenges facing kids in the neighborhood with the Executive Director of Global Dialogues, Daniel Enger (56).

Mitchell and Nancy talk about the John F. Kennedy assassination. “I really felt like I knew him.”

Nancy describes her emotions after the attack happened. She was only a kid, so at the time she wasn't impacted too much. Now that she looks back, she understands the significance of the attack and how this was the spark...

How did you gain the skills to become an engineer?

In this interview, conducted in November 28, 2017 in Los Angeles, California, Ivan Cervantes (16) interviews his dad, Ramiro Cervantes (41), about the progress of his career as a current Senior Field Service Engineer. Mr. Cervantes first discusses his current...

Stephen Thomas and Amy Lanterman

One Small Step partners, Stephen “Steve” Thomas (70) and Amy Lanterman (69), discuss their different upbringings, retirement, and the issues that are important to each of them, such as border security and climate change.

"We must never forget about the free-thinking in science." an interview with Chris Ballentine

Chris Ballentine, University of Oxford, discusses his work as "helium hunter," seeking global reserves of Helium, significant as a natural resource-limited in its scope. Chris discusses geopolitics and the need for the market to drive the search for helium which...

Security Team Lead – Bryan Trout

Brian is the Security Team lead at my church and I’m an Intern there. I decided to interview Brian and he tells the story of how in his youth he grew up in Alaska and moved around, finding his interests...

Gail Yost and Roger Yost

Wife and husband Gail Yost [no age given] and Roger Yost (71) speak about their careers, their children, and their retirement.

The peculiarities of security maintainership with Filippo Valsorda

What changes when the projects you maintain are cornerstones of security? Filippo Valsorda elaborates on his experience as a cryptographer, his work in Go, and how his approach to maintainership might be a bit different from the average maintainer.

More Questions

An interview between a student and a principal. Several questions about things that happen in school were explained so that students can get answers.