James Perrin and Heidi Kharbanda

Ciff Perrin (65) talks with his daughter Heidi Kharbanda (34) about his life growing up, his mother and father, the changes he's seen, and who he is today.

Harold Lewis and Matthew Knox

Harold Lewis (61) and One Small Step partners Matthew "Scott" Knox (48) share stories about their different lived experiences as a Black man growing up in the segregated South and a gay man growing up in the Northeast.

From Segregation to 9/11: A Looking Back

Charles Wilson is a religious man that gave up everything for the call of God, but that's not all the excitement. From missing 9/11 playing golf to a life of segregation, this grandfather is an interesting person in all sorts...

A Father, His Daughter, and His Response as to Why He Chose the Navy.

This interview occurred on January 9th, 2020, in Flint, Michigan. Ja Karra Nelson (16, Sophomore in high school) will be interviewing her father Greg Nelson (63, single parent) about several different topics. In the beginning they discussed how life was...

The 1960’s

I spoke with a very close family friend (a grandfather to me) about his experience in the 60’s. We spoke of Kennedy, the National Guard, Vietnam War, Segregation, and more.

Gloria Lee and LaKesha Johnson

LaKesha Johnson (50) talks with her mother Gloria Lee (75) about her life in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Gloria reminisces about her experiences as a "Grady Baby," a social worker in the Kirkwood community, and a volunteer for the...

Ariyah Smith and Aaron Atkins

Ariyah Smith [no age given] and her friend, Aaron Atkins (32), talk about family, friends, race, growing up in Alton, IL, and how the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected their lives.

Sandra’s Encounter

My Grandmother talkes about her experiences with segregation, discrimination, voting rights and education during her teenage years and childhood.

Lois Walker and Donna James

Lois Larsen Walker (73) talks to her daughter, Donna Walker James (48), about living in Alexandria. She recounts saving bricks from demolished buildings, fighting for school integration, and contributing to the community.

Childhood in the Jim Crow Era

This interview was done with my mother who grew up in the Jim Crow Era. She was more than glad to give me feedback on everything that happened during that time.

Lunch Ladies

Becky initially felt discomfort seeing her own mother not sitting with the rest of the teachers at school, but volunteering to serve lunch along side the black lunchroom staff.

Emanuel Martinez and Lucha Martinez de Luna

Emanuel Martinez [no age given] speaks with his daughter Lucha Martinez de Luna [no age given] about their family's background in the Southwest and finding his passion for art and painting, and about his involvement in the Chicano movement. He...

James Harold and Montgomery Mewers

James Harold (60) and his One Small Step partner Montgomery Mewers (53) discuss living in various parts of the United States, the weaknesses of the current American political system, and impactful childhood experiences and relationships that inform their politics.

Interview with Carolyn Sims

About Carolyn’s childhood, and growing up as a black girl in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

English Interview 11/25/18

Interview of Sherry Campbell about Emmet Till and segregation

Renee Kaplowitz and Janie Cravens

Renee Kaplowitz [no age given] tells her friend Janie Cravens (66) about her life as a military kid and her father's death.

Geneva McCall and John McCall

Geneva Hurley McCall (78) shares her educational journey with her Son, John McCall (48).