Interview With my Dad

My dad, Charles E. Johnson Jr., talked with me about him life growing up in the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. We discuss racism, segregation, life lessons, and family. We end on talking about the funny story of my birth.

Interview with Momma Crysthal

I interviewed my mother-in-law to be. She is a highly educated well read and traveled black woman who had many insights on what it was like to grow up in post segregation America and many more life experiences. The intro...

Aluminum Foil + Rabbit Ears= Television

I (Jordan James) sit down with family friend Eddie Nelson and talk about the rise of television, his brief acting career, and how he used aluminum foil to get a signal of the back of his TV.


I interviewed my grandmother about her childhood and growing during segregation.

“I knew I was on dangerous ground:” Two men working to tell the story of a lifetime.

Fred and Craig talk about their five-year project to write Fred’s life story, a story with roots in the South during the Great Depression, and stops in the Army, the prize-fighting world, Harlem, Sing-Sing Prison, and Washington DC.

The Creole Story

I, with some help from my mom, interview my grandmother about her life. My 88-year-old grandmother has moderate dementia and is very hard of hearing. It was very difficult, but she loved participating and gave me a beautiful story.

Lesson Plan Interview

We touched on Texas history in Gonzales, segregation issues that existed through the 70s, and the evolution of special education.

Valerie Taylor and Vernon Taylor

Vernon Taylor (88) is joined by his daughter, Valerie Taylor [no age given], as he remembers his life's journey as a black apprentice and later as an Air Condition Refrigeration Engineer and Instructor.

Civil rights movements

This interview is with my grandfather. The main topic is about the civil rights movement and his life during that time. He talks about many different points in his life. Also his thoughts on segregation. He expresses hiw the schools...

David Dodson and Christy Hightower
January 15, 2017 App Interview

David Dodson tells the story of his father, Dwight Dodson, who was the senior pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Chicago in the 1950’s. That church prided itself on its history of having been formed by a group of...

Vannessa Evans and Robert Mason

Vanessa Evans (63) and her brother Robert Mason (68) remember their childhoods, living in the time of segregation, and the now destroyed black community of Hayti. They also talk about what they hope for most and give messages to future...

Malisa Flowers

Talking to my grandmother and great grandmother about their upbringing in the south and migrating to the north.

Cheryl Henry and Cindy Martin

One Small Step Partners Cheryl Henry (60) and Cindy Martin (70) share stories about their families, political beliefs, and their home state of Virginia, and student loan forgiveness.

Imani Christopher and her Great Grandmother talk about segregation and family.

Me and my great grandmother had a conversation about what it was like to live in segregation. We talked about her family, and what it was like being married to a police officer.

Kem Trice – Be who you want to be, not what people want you to be.

Kem Trice tells about growing up in Tennessee. Being the first woman certified to teach vocational agriculture in Tennessee . Living during the segregation and integration of African Americans and the Vietnam War. The Challenger flight and it's impact on...

A Ukrainian Immigrant’s Cultural Journey

Over Thanksgiving of 2019, Mia Chuma (15) and her 76-year-old grandmother, Kwitoslava Saluk Paschyn, conversed about Kwitoslava’s journey to America. Mia’s grandmother reflects on her past, how she escaped Ukraine with her parents due to religious and cultural persecution. Reminiscing...

Living History Project

My grandmother and I talk about her experiences with racial segregation, and later integration, in a suburb outside of Chicago.

Mary Payne and Amy Tardif

Mary Payne (98) is interviewed by regional manager Amy Tardif (53) about growing up in Tennessee as the daughter of a railroad worker, becoming an educator in the country, moving to Chicago and working as a lab technician at the...

Interviewing my great-aunt, Maxine Scott

Albany Hornbuckle interviewing her great aunt, Maxine Scott. They discuss World War 2, the Civil Rights Movement, and her battle with breast cancer.