Inside the Life of Michelle Song
December 3, 2019 App Interview

Michelle and I covered a lot of her heritage, family memories, and her future.

Ed Crane and Kevin Koerner

Friends Kevin Koerner (61) and Ed Crane (64) remember their experiences living through the HIV/AIDS epidemic, and compare it to their experiences living through COVID-19. They discuss their passions and interests, and look towards the future.

Mrs. Verene

I interviewed Mrs. Monique Switzer-Verene. We spoke about her accomplishments and life lesson through her almost 50 years of living.

Naomi: Self Love and Discovery

This interview covers a topic that’s not talked about enough in today’s society. Mental health. In this conversation, Naomi and I discuss what mental health is, how to combat it, and our personal experiences.

Patty and Sid

Short recap of our struggles, goals, and relationship.

Darcey Arena, journey through relationships

Darcey Arena, 52, talks about how to navigate relationships after a divorce and what the most important aspects of relationships are to her.

Gladys Mwilelo and Jeanne Zulick Ferruolo

Gladys Mwilelo (23) speaks with her friend Jeanne Zulick Ferruolo (55) about her shifting sense of self, coming to the United States as a refugee, and celebrating family traditions, especially with food and dance.

Diana Carreras and Brandi Brown

Diana Carreras (62) speaks with her mentee, Brandi Brown (40), about her journey to self love and worth and the way that has impacted her ability to love and be of service to others.

A Message For Self-love

Join us to get to know Ms. Jessica Blinkhorn, an art teacher with a wonderful personality, shares her performance in NY City, her view on the world, hatred, and self-love.

A bit about my parents

In this interview, I decided to interview my mom and dad and learn more about them and their childhood and their personal wants. In this interview we talk about death, suicide, openness to religion, abusive parents, self love, racism, and...