Mom’s Sense of Place

Trying to understand Mom’s sense of place and how she thinks places should be recognized as and regarded.

Sense of Place Interview

In this interview, I interview my dad about his sense of place and how the places he grew up in have shaped the person he is today.

“Your culture, your history, your family background […] don’t define you, but they shape you.”

This interview was with my mother, Elizabeth Dietrich, who grew up in Richmond, Virginia and moved to Hawaii after she married my father, an Army physician. We spoke about her sense of place and cultural identity, and how that has...

Sense of Place
February 12, 2018 App Interview

An interview with my father, regarding his childhood, family, advice, and culture.

Interview with Brandy Saulnier about her sense of place.

This interview was for an assignment in my MYP5 History class.

Sense of Place Interview

I interviewed the most influential person in my life, my mother about her sense of place

“Hawaii was also that place I knew I belonged” -Corrie Izumoto

Growing up in all different cities and moving around with her now ex-husband Corrie Izumoto never really had that sense of place until she moved to Hawaii and finally found where she belongs. In this interview we talk about what...

Sense of Place Kelly Watanabe

For this assignment I interviewed my father, Ryan Watanabe. He has lived in Hawaii, on O’ahu, all his life. We talked about his “sense of place” and how it has changed over time, environmentally and sociologically.

Melissa Greenwald and Anneke Kat

Melissa Greenwald (56) talks with her daughter Anneke Kat (27) about their cultural identity, having roots and family history in West Philadelphia, how living in the Netherlands and Cape Cod shaped them, their sense of space and identity, and the...

Sense of place

Interview with my mother Ana Murray about her sense of place.