The Life of Melvin Jones

Melvin tells his great grandson about his life growing up and his time in the service.


I talk to my partner Rob about his history of volunteering and how his understanding of service has changed over time.

Ut Prosim

Emma Jones talks about her passion for service and pursuing her dream career as a humanitarian worker.

The Life of Melvin Jones

Melvin tells his great grandson about his life growing up and his time in the service.

Lydia Mele and Andrea Rapacz

Lydia Mele (75) talks to her colleague Andrea Rapacz (48) about the impact Lydia's mother's legacy has had on their family and community.

Jennifer Phillips and Gary Palmer

Colleagues Jennifer Phillips (36) and Gary Palmer (58) talk about their roles at The Hochstein School, different music programs they are involved in, and how they use music to serve the Rochester community.

This is Sarah Dunn interviewing John Dunn about his experience in the Navy.

This interview took place on December 5, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. Sarah Dunn interviews John Dunn, her father, on his experience in the Navy. Within this interview, John Dunn dicusses his experience in the military. Specifically, he talks about his...

Nino Reyos and Antonio De La Fuente

In this interview, conducted in January 11, 2019, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Antonio De La Fuente interviews a friend of the family’s, Nino Reyos about his life, to have an understanding of what he’s done and of his cultural...

A New Perspective

A humanitarian trip to India changes an individual’s outlook on people placed in her life.

Maria Dominguez and Phillip Casanova

Maria "Terry" Dominquez (57) speaks with her nephew Phillip Casanova (28) about her career as a rescue medical firefighter, the deployment during the 9/11 terrorist attacks, and her reflections almost 20 years later.

Steven Rauscher and Harry Jamison – "You Seem Like the Happiest One"

Steven Rauscher (33) and Harry Jamison (29) discuss the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on employment, opportunity, and happiness in the City of Brotherly Love. Recording issues dogged the first half (and even a bit of the second half) of...

Stephanie Zeck, Rhonda Zeck, and Leland Creecy

Rhonda Zeck (48) and her daughter Stephanie Zeck (22) interview Rhonda's father and Stephanie's grandfather, LeLand J. Creecy, Sr. (81), about his experiences coming up during segregation, his family history and his outlook on life.

Barb Maglaqui & MaCherie Dunbar

Tech Sgt. MaCherie Dunbar was deployed twice to Iraq in 2007-2008. At StoryCorps, MaCherie told her then-girlfriend, Barb Maglaqui, about one of the hardest things she had to do while overseas. WHERE ARE THEY NOW? MaCherie retired from the Air...

Tutoriage Review

Tutoriage– receives your assignments done the web site that will get your assignments carried out by industry experts in history time Tutoriage may be the only web page that is able to provide your assignment in much less than...

Gary interview.

Gary Treas' interview, Pryor Oklahoma 2021

Healing Haiti

Five years ago, Nicole Hager’s life was changed forever when her entire family spent a week in Haiti providing service and support to those in need. Every year since then, her family has been back at least once a year...