scott 2020

I sat my youngest brother down and asked him to talk to me for a bit. Baseball was a common theme.


I interviewed by 16 year old brother about his travel outside the country to Tanzania. We talk about travel, his experiences, differences between there and here in the US and education.

Family Member- Sister

She talked about her favorites, friends, relatives, pets & most of all herself!

Present but invisible.

Me as an older brother I’ve always felt disconnected with my sister. This is the opportunity I use to get to know her and how she is doing.

Interview with Jordan (continued)

Mixed topics. Jobs, politics, religion, etc.

Ryland and Tyson

I asked my younger brother about some of his memories and what he is grateful for.

Anh interview

This interview was based on the life of my older brother , Anh . Thrpughout the interview he explained his thoughts .

Sean Park Interview

Sihee Park and her son Sean Park bond and talk about her past. Sihee Park Comes to the U.S. with her husband expecting nothing. Many hardships were thrown in their way such as language and culture but still made it...

What’s it like being 8 years old?

This is an interview with my 8 year old brother, Benjamin. I asked him questions that both he and I made up.

I was just wondering

Favorite place to photograph and favorite family photo

Me and my sister

I talked with my sister about our shared experiences, as well as our hopes for the future. Watch us make bad jokes and make fun of each other.

Practice interview

Interviewing my brothers life

Shafaq and Zainab Bhatti
November 25, 2017 App Interview

After witnessing my sister win runner up at the county Poetry Out Loud competition, I wondered why she was so invested in it. She spent months rehearsing, before and after winning first place in the school competition. I never liked...

The Dreams of a Hero

Kian Dreams of joining the military for the soul purpose of being able to save lives. He is full of hope and courage and a great sense of humor. I am honored to be his sister :) and I know...

Extra Credit Interview Zane Shamblin, Wagner, 4th, 12/18/18

Interviewer: Zane Shamblin Interviewee: Isabelle Shamblin Why did you choose the elder you did? I chose to interview my sister because she is currently attending college, and wanted to know about her experiences, as well as any advice she'd have...

Interview world history

This was about how covid 19 and how it affects a individual