Felisha Marie interview

We talked about the way Aunte felsiha lived in her life who really made a big impact on her life and etc..

My cousin Erica

We talked about things like who was the most influenced In her life or what was her greatest memories she had and why she did the interview

Yoseline Palmas

About my older sisters life and her experience.

Remembering the Phoenix

One of my best friend which I made in Lagos, Marco Bizzaro, who is now in university in U.K. He told me about his life lesson

Being a Single Mom

A brief summary of a personal experience being a single mother with 2 small boys.

My life

The most my interning was about my life and I really enjoy it

“I Just Want His Complete Happiness.”

As an unplanned pregnancy, Rachel was in complete shock when she found out she was expecting. As a parent without an extra pair of hands, it was hard knowing, or the lack of knowing, what was ahead- perhaps this was...

Females Or Males

First day being exclusive....”not official according to Melissa

Single Fathers vs The State of Maryland

This a social injustice that has been lingering sometime throughout my peer group and community and I feel the need to take steps by bringing it to light. Featuring a good friend of my Roan Ottey.

My lovely mom

The best lesson you can get from this interview is to be yourself and embrace being different be a proud forigher