Learning from empowerment

Through this interview, I have had the chance to interview my mom. We talked about struggles that she went through, important lessons, and how to make it in the United States as an immigrant. Furthermore we spoke about the importance...

A Talk With Grandma

My grandma and I talked about her life from when she was little to present day. She talked about her life as a teacher and all the memories she has of past students. We also discussed what it was like...


This interview is about the lessons my mom has learned and her perspective in life.

Dee Dunbar and Mary Rodgers

One Small Step partners Dee Dunbar (65) and Mary Rodgers (56) discuss their work as special education teachers, their children, and their political values.

What she went though

Me and my mom (Brenda) talk about what it's like being a single parent

Theresa Marasco and Holly Burns

Theresa Holly Marasco (55) and her daughter, Holly Burns (30), reflect on their single-parent household, experiencing spaces of poverty and privilege and their hopes for the future.


Keaysie talks with her teen daughter, Haley, about what it’s been like growing up with a young, single mom. Discusses sports, the “golden rule” plans for the future and advice to other teens.

The life of Bobbie

My grandmother and I talked about her life.

Busia’s Story

This interview is about my grandma and mainly her outlook on life, and her love for her family.

Ms.Voegeli talks about growing up with a single parent and the struggle that she faced to get to where she is today.

In this interview, conducted on June 7th, 2018, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Ms. Elizabeth Voegeli, a beloved teacher in the Tallwood High School’s Global Studies and World Languages Academy, talks about her childhood and the past experiences that shapes who...

The unknown

A conversation in spanish between a mother and a daughter about her mother's life in the United States.

Gloria Weston-Smart, Joyce Thomas, and Joann Bynum Johnson

Sisters Gloria Weston-Smart (66), Joyce Thomas (64), and Joann Bynum Johnson (61) reminisce about their childhood together, remember family members who have passed away, and express gratitude for the tight-knit community that they grew up in.

Marie jeune, then, now, and the future

In this interview, conducted on December 02, 2018 in Trinity, Florida, David Lewis (19) interviewed his mother Marie Jeune (38) about her past, present and the future. Mrs. Jeune share stories about what it was like being a teenager from...

Advice from a single parent

Hi my name is Angelica Lee Hernandez and I am 22 years old and today I recorded with my mom Sandy Montanez, about advice she would give me and others about being a single parent.

Brady and Braedon 04/25/24

friends Brady (18) and Braedon (19) discuss growing up with a single parent in the home.

Mercer University OlaOcha O. Chinue talks with Emily Colon a MU student being a single parent and pursuing a path as an educator

OlaOcha Chinue: 2023-09-22 00:51:10 The interviewer has a conversational discussion with Emily, an aspiring teacher, about her passion for education. They cover her inspirations, goals as a woman of color, plans to engage students, anticipated challenges, the importance of work-life...

David Fazio & Alex Wu

David “Faz” Fazio, a beloved Andover High School basketball coach and gym teacher, who has made gym fun for all of his students, talks about how his high school coach helped him see past his challenging childhood. During his 34-year...

Who’s Your Daddy

Asking my mom about my real dad because I never got to know about him much until now.

Deborah Welch and Karli Dye

Deborah Welch [no age given] interviews her friend, Karli Dye (86), about her work as Executive Director of Planned Parenthood in Amarillo and its surrounding rural communities for 30 years.