The unknown

A conversation in spanish between a mother and a daughter about her mother’s life in the United States.

Who’s Your Daddy

Asking my mom about my real dad because I never got to know about him much until now.

The life of Bobbie

My grandmother and I talked about her life.

The grandmother down the road

My grandma is a very important person in my life. She lives right down the road from me so I see her every other day. But using this interview I got to see the hard working and kind person I...

A Talk With Grandma

My grandma and I talked about her life from when she was little to present day. She talked about her life as a teacher and all the memories she has of past students. We also discussed what it was like...


Keaysie talks with her teen daughter, Haley, about what it’s been like growing up with a young, single mom. Discusses sports, the “golden rule” plans for the future and advice to other teens.


This interview is about the lessons my mom has learned and her perspective in life.

Marie jeune, then, now, and the future

In this interview, conducted on December 02, 2018 in Trinity, Florida, David Lewis (19) interviewed his mother Marie Jeune (38) about her past, present and the future. Mrs. Jeune share stories about what it was like being a teenager from...

Busia’s Story

This interview is about my grandma and mainly her outlook on life, and her love for her family.

Ms.Voegeli talks about growing up with a single parent and the struggle that she faced to get to where she is today.

In this interview, conducted on June 7th, 2018, in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Ms. Elizabeth Voegeli, a beloved teacher in the Tallwood High School’s Global Studies and World Languages Academy, talks about her childhood and the past experiences that shapes who...