Stephine Poston and Shayai Lucero

Stephine "Steph" Poston (55) speaks to fellow entrepreneur and friend Shayai Lucero (48) about the impact of the Native Women Lead organization on their entrepreneurial journeys as Native women business owners.


A quick self reflection of my relationship with my sister. A homage of gratitude .

"We were sisters, opposites in behavior, but we never argued"

This interview was conducted by Julia Sweeny (16). She talks with her nana (grandmother) and her sister (grand aunt) they discussed many components to personal childhood, parenthood, and now life. This interview includes many stories from childhood of growing up...

HIST 172 Interview Assignment

In this interview, my older sister ,Gabby, reflects on old memories and how they impacted and shaped who she is today.

Judi Amsel, Sue Mofson Tice, and Janice Ward

Friends Judi Amsel (67), Sue Mofson Tice (70), and Janice Ward (67) discuss the evolution of their mah-jongg group, and the friendship, community, and fun it has brought to their lives.

Sister Mary Forman and Sister Kim Jordan

Sister Mary Forman (73) and Sister Kim Marie Jordan (66) talk about how they came to the Monastery of St. Gertrude. They share about being cancer survivors and the gifts that came with the disease, people who have inspired them...

Aliah Hall and Shareka Hall (Gregory)

Aliah Hall (35) and her sister Shareka Hall (29) remember their father, who passed away when Shareka was 13. They talk the influence of his death on their family, their young adulthoods, and their relationship with each other.

Storytelling Speech Interview

My name is Rachel Doering (18 years old)and in this interview I talk with my older sister Serenity (24 years old). In this interview we talk about Serenity's life, her proudest moments and her least favorite moments.

Storytelling With Maya

Maya O’Keeffe (17) interviewed by Leilah O’Keeffe (20). Sisters talking about life, memories, family, and sisterhood.

Serene and Sadee Spencer talk about their childhood

Sisters lightheartedly talking about there childhood memories together.

My sister

How much I love my sister and how she helped me in my childhood to be a positive person in difficult times.

The Most Beautiful Moment(s) in Life: Interview with Kristine Canonizado

(I'd like to also mention, my grandma has not returned even though she promised me that she would, so this is my mom speaking on her behalf as well, please tell me this counts; this is why this conversation is...

Sheila Conway and Sharon Malone

Twin sisters, Sheila Conway [no age given] and Sharon Malone [no age given] were among the first black students in Memphis, TN integrated into predominately white public schools, known as the Memphis 13. The two recall the violence they faced...

Dee Ann Tumbuan and Ellie Tumbuan

Sisters Dee Ann Tumbuan (39) and Ellie Tumbuan (42) discuss their childhood, moving around the country, summertime road trips and positive influential women from their parents' church, life lessons and their good friend Steve.

Stacy Senghor and Elizabeth McLendon

Friends Stacy Senghor (48) and Elizabeth McLendon (72) discuss trauma they have both experienced and how they continue to choose joy everyday.

My amazing twin sister

Agasne Bragado is a 17 year old who lives for the arts, also my twin sister. She is who I would call the smart twin, always pursuing better grades and academics. Ever since she was little she was into art,...

Selina X and Teronia C

Friends Selina X [no age given] and Teronia C (60) talks about how they each ended up in prison, what their sentencing was like, and what the re-entry journey looked like for each of them.

Learn How to Forecast the Weather with Oma: All You Need Is A Broken Toe and Some Deer

This is an interview I did with my 86-year-old grandmother. She lived in Germany through WWII and had a very interesting life, resulting in some unusual stories. She now lives on an out-of-service farm in Pennsylvania's Amish Country. In this...

Helyn Hall and her Everlasting Legacy

Helyn Hall, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, speaks on joining the Everloving, Everlasting Epsilon Chapter in college, and how the sorority has enhanced her life. Hall looks back at her life post-grad, and the barriers she broke...

Finding A Sister in My Roomate

This recording, shortly express how both me and my roommate met each other and how things have changed since getting to know one another. She exclaims that it is okay to step outside of your comfort zone when moving to...

Ashey Williams and Lori Yancey

One Small Step conversation partner Ashley Williams (36) Lori Yancey (63) have a conversation about community outreach, childhood memories, and dealing with loss.