Interviewing sister

We talked about my sisters childhood and the good and bad things in life. These good and bad things should always be positive at the end of the day because everything happens for a reason.

Sister Christmas Party 2019
December 20, 2019 App Interview

Three sisters reflect on their lives so far and their relationships

Interview with my sister

Today I interview my sister asking a bunch of questions

Jennaie and Maevah ( Twin Talk)

Me and my twin sister had a conversation about certain aspects in life. For instance, culture and the goals that we are striving for.

Story telling

Story telling interview Angelica Kidd

Minj and Me

Sisters, Minji and Madison Lye, talk about the various memories and lessons they created and learned together growing up and how it affects their relationship now.

xmas pre interview
December 21, 2017 App Interview

devin and ellie talk about life as kids and humans in general

Sisters, Abbi and Amanda Donaldson discuss Amanda’s life.
November 22, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 22,2018 , Abbi Donaldson (17) interviews her older sister Amanda (27) in Abbi’s house located in St. Augustine Florida. Amanda shares childhood experiences and why she is how she is today. She shares lessons...

College Inspiration

The interviewer, Ethan Leung, interviews his sister, Erin Leung, about her life and experiences with college and how her dad inspires her.

Learning about my big sister

Younger sister interviews big sister about her experiences as a child.

Janiece’s story

We talked about how being the youngest sister of 3 has impacted her life. We also shared some important family values and memories.

Reese and Tatum

just a friendly conversation between us.

Spanish interview

I interviewed my sister about her life.

Words We Carry !

Me and my sister talk about her and the people she admires and memory’s she has made

Patricia Bridget Weisman

Mom (Mimi to Autumn) was in town to help us move back into our house after a long restoration following a tree falling on our house. On Mom's last night in town we recorded this as we sat and talked...

Lizbeth Alvarado

Lizbeth Alvarado is my sister, and in this interview she chose her questions.

Dani and Natis

I was given an English project where we had to interview a family member or a person close to us that had impacted our life that we want to get to know better.


Two sisters open up to each other about life.

Shai’s self reflection.

This interview confides of my oldest sister reflection amongst the current life she is living and what she hopes to receive in the near future.

My Sister’s World

in this interview my sister and I talked about how much she means to me and how proud she is of myself and how she got through her hardships and made herself the woman she is today .