Interviewing my sister

She moved to Germany for a year and had set goals and is making sure she accomplishes them

Sisters Lost and Found

Two sisters talk about how they first met at the ages of 88 and 94.

Interviewing My Sister

We talked about her memories and life lessons she has learned.

Interview With Grammy

Overall i learned a lot about what life was like when she was younger and it was a great experience.

Learning about my big sister

Younger sister interviews big sister about her experiences as a child.


Interview with my little sister

Dani and Natis

I was given an English project where we had to interview a family member or a person close to us that had impacted our life that we want to get to know better.


Speaking with my older sister about our family history, her experiences and regrets.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen TheGreatListen2019

Life and how my sister is growing up. I interviewed my sister on how she wants to live and how she has lived previously.

Catching Up with my Sister

My sister, Vanessa, and I talk about our childhood memories and what we see in our futures.

Sister Christmas Party 2019
December 20, 2019 App Interview

Three sisters reflect on their lives so far and their relationships

Sisters, Abbi and Amanda Donaldson discuss Amanda’s life.
November 22, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 22,2018 , Abbi Donaldson (17) interviews her older sister Amanda (27) in Abbi’s house located in St. Augustine Florida. Amanda shares childhood experiences and why she is how she is today. She shares lessons...

A new diaper

When my sister pooped her pants and I didn’t know how to change a diaper

A journey to the past.

This was an interview I did with my mother about her past events and thoughts. The interview took place in the kitchen of our apartment in Orange County. I asked my mom about her childhood and how she was raised,...

My BEST friend – this took 5 tries.

This interview is between my best friend and I, hoping to keep these memories forever <333

Interview with younger sister

I ask my younger sister questions about her experience as a young adult

Spanish interview

I interviewed my sister about her life.

News Media Project

Interview with Annie Van about how she is dealing with COVID-19.

Exhuming the Past and Person of Martina White (Part III)

In this interview I attempt to unearth the life of my aunt who died at age sixteen through my mother's memories and stories, further adding to the mythology which surrounds her life but also bringing it to terms with reality...