Story Corps Interview

11 questions about Ashley’s life after 20 years.

Gramma interview

I interviewed my gramma for a school project

My sister

We talked about our life.

Family Member- Sister

She talked about her favorites, friends, relatives, pets & most of all herself!

Perspective on Life

A traumatic experience that me and my sister witnessed two years ago.

courtney’s interview

We are currently in a car going on vacation! While we are in the car i decide to ask my sister some cute little questions!

Sister adonna

It was great with my sister I learn a lot about her

Anya Mammen with Georgia Mammen

In this interview I talked with my sister about what it's like to be homeschooled.

lizzie & maggie
December 1, 2017 App Interview

We talked about family. We also talked about work.

How was family life before I was born

My brother, sister and I have a large gap in age. And I thought it would be interesting to interview one of them about what life was like when I wasn’t there or rather not born.

A few stories from Sugar-tooth Grandma

In this interview, I talked with my grandma about her childhood and social work, which slowly transitioned into a deeper conversation regarding her divorce and the grandpa I’ve never known. She gave me advice about my life looking ahead into...


My older sister giving some encouragement

Sydney’s Memories

Since I visited friends instead of family this Thanksgiving, I decided to interview my 15-year-old sister, Sydney, at our house. Before I got into the main questions, I had her tell the listners a little bit about herself. Then, I...

Lil sis

This interview its a quick view of our sisters relationship

Interviewing John Brosnan, my Dad

I talk with my dad about his life, his childhood, and how he got to where he is today.

Aubries interview

We talked about family and what life was like before now