An Interview with Trish Irvin by Sarah Martin

An amazing of how to get through adversity and misfortune. Many people face challenges in there everyday life, but this particular lady has been through more than anyone could imagine! This is about a women named Trish Irvin. About her...

Our Great Thanksgiving Listen Tj and Alvin Li

In this interview, Tianjie Li, the father of Alvin Li, is interviewed during December, 2017 in Novi, Michigan about his life, and what he thinks of it. TJ begins by sharing his childhood experience, from his economic state, to his...

Father and daughter, Dee and Meg Shivraman talk about life with Soccer

How soccer connected with life and how you can’t give up if there’s bumbs in the road.

History Interview

Interview with Emma for history project

Elijah’s interview

Elijah talks to Taylor about his life and how soccer helps him get through things PS we didnt get to finish the full interview

Eduardo Mendez

Eduardo Mendez is a husband and a father of three. His shares with me his values for life, love, and happiness.

Fatiha Khiraoui

Fatiha came to Canada for her work, where she’s been living in for 4 years. She did not have much money to do club activities during her childhood, but she did make up for it by playing with neighborhood friends...

Interview with Evan

Evan discusses one of his biggest accomplishments which focuses on him being invited to play soccer over in England.

Soccer, by Majdi

I am new in the school and I don’t know a lot of people so I did an a interview with my new coach Nicolas so I was asking him things about soccer, and I learned a lot from him....

Tom’s Thoughts

My father talked about my childhood and his personal/professional life.

Interview With My Brother

In which we talk about some of Marco’s childhood memories and why he doesn’t like cheese.

About My Mom

I talked to my mom about her life from her childhood to her parents. She discussed her present life and also talked about what she wants for herself in the future. She briefly covered aspects from her whole life.

Jeremiah And Imari

My Sister Tells Me About Her Growing Up As A Child And Memories

Mustafa Ghannoum tells his daughter about hometown and family structure in the United States

Mustafa Ghannoum is an immigrant in America. He describes his hometown and his life as a child in Damascus, Syria. Mustafa tells Noran Ghannoum about his love for soccer and his views of family structures.

Round 2

A girl who’s past comes back to haunt her. She had the perfect live until she went to a party one day.

Story corps Interview

Personal questions on life and other questions on heritage

Interview with an elder

Throughout most of the questions, my dad responded with memories and lessons he’s learned through life; but not only through life it self, through his first love… soccer. He also mostly talked about his family and how big of an...