Story corps Interview

Personal questions on life and other questions on heritage

Robin Schmidt – German traveling to America

German soccer player gets an opportunity to play collegiate soccer at D1 university of New Hampshire. Find out why he wanted to come overseas

Round 2

A girl who’s past comes back to haunt her. She had the perfect live until she went to a party one day.

More Than a Mere Textbook Definition – What Education Means for Today’s Youth

I interview high school teacher Paul Werner about the changes he has seen over the 25 years of Rocklin High School's history. He mentions the effects of new technology, teaching methods, and college stress on students, which he believes has...

A True Trini Life

A person who can go through multiple losses, play sports, and be passionate about her work is a truly great person to be around; that person is Luanne Regis. Luanne is a black woman from Trinidad & Tobago, in the...

Jeremiah And Imari

My Sister Tells Me About Her Growing Up As A Child And Memories

Interview about college soccer with my dad.

Interview with my Dad(Tony Iadevito, 47) by me(Will Iadevito, 15) about What it was like playing college sports.

Interview with an elder

Throughout most of the questions, my dad responded with memories and lessons he’s learned through life; but not only through life it self, through his first love… soccer. He also mostly talked about his family and how big of an...

Personal interview with a friend

Asking Jesse a couple questions to know a little bit about him

Mustafa Ghannoum tells his daughter about hometown and family structure in the United States

Mustafa Ghannoum is an immigrant in America. He describes his hometown and his life as a child in Damascus, Syria. Mustafa tells Noran Ghannoum about his love for soccer and his views of family structures.

My Grandpa Soccer Star Josef Jelinek
December 2, 2022 App Interview

My name is Anthony Jelinek and I interviewed my grandpa Josef Jelinek who was born in 1946 in Communist Czechoslovakia. He played in the World Cup before he sought asylum in Italy and later immigrated to the United States where...

Pursuing your dreams

We shared some experiences of how to manage a career as an athlete

My Brother….

This was about, how power would be used for good or evil, I also incorporated a soccer aspect into it. This was a very awkward conversation, because me and my brother don’t talk much about this topic, so I think...

Thanksgiving Listen 2k19 Jeff and Jamie

Jamie (daughter and interviewer) discussing child hood memories and it’s impacts with Jeff (dad and interviewee.)