Laurie Johnson Interviews Jessica Rangel About Immigration and Economic Justice

This Interview was conducted as part of a class assignment for SOWK 732 Migration, Human Rights, and Social Justice, a graduate level social work course at Loyola University Chicago. The Interview mainly focuses on immigration and economic justice from the...

Gina Blanton, Timothy Beauchamp, and Manda Adams

Friends Gina Blanton (51) and Timothy Beauchamp (54) talk with their pastor, Manda Adams (42), about their experiences with sexual identity and the church, and discuss how they put certain differences aside to fight for racial justice through their organization,...

Paige and Janie’s Adventures Abroad

We discussed our experiences, new perspectives, and valuable lessons learned while studying off-campus.

Interview with a Deputy Sheriff

I interviewed a law enforcement officer in order to get another perspective on the way the public views them given the recent actions made by some police.It was very insightful, as I learned things I might not have ever known...

Social justice inspirations

A professor and her former student recall the events that led them to address homelessness.

Final Project

Sexual assault has been seen as a controversial topic in the U.S. and many people are afraid to talks about it.

Noah McCarn & Latte

Erin interviews Noah, a fellow seminarian who joined Christ Church a year ago. Oh and Latte, his adorable dog joins in as well.

Migrations and social Justice

Migrating to the US with her family, how that has affected her and issues she has faced as an afro-Panamanian.

Fr. Brendan McKeough and Margaret Uselman

An interview with Fr. Brendan McKeough and Margaret Uselman where they discuss Fr. Brendan’s life and lessons he learned at and beyond St. Norbert College. This interview was recorded on April 15, 2014.

From Freshman Year to Now

Ishaani and Camille attend a small college prep school in the Bay Area called Athenian. They met the first week of freshman year and this interview summarizes the journey that made up the past four years and where they are...

DJ’s interview with Sarah

We talked about what brought us to St. Norbert College, plans for the future, and what inspires us.

Living Outloud

Amy has lived her life with the intention of making the world a better place by being there for others in whatever way she can – as a gay woman, a mother, a neighbor, community member and friend.

Penny Patch’s experience during the civil rights movement

We talked about the Civil Rights Movement and social justice. What we believe in and what others believe in.

A Conversation on MLK Day with A Child of the Civil Rights Movement

Meet Caressa Thomas. Learn a little bit about her early years, the lessons she’s learned in life, and her take-aways on the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The Inmate Project

“The Inmate Project” is a social justice project started by Adam Jenkins. Adam hopes to gain attention to the rising prison reform issue.

Harry Eberts

During the interview Harry talked about his call to ministry and the impact of religion on his life. Harry also discussed multiple historical events and particular important people throughout history. He also discussed his relationship with his wife. Harry mentions...

Downtowners, Part 1

Talking with Downtowners about the history of First