Professor Lenneal Henderson: Racial Inequality in Education

This interview comprised of talking about a variety of issues with Professor Lenneal Henderson from the College of William and Mary, focusing specifically on racial inequality in education.

Tatiana Orlov and Linda Wang

Tatiana Orlov (27) tells Linda Wang (23) her reasons for moving to New York City, how her interests changed from working in the Music Industry to Community Involvement, and how she became involved with the non-profit organization Art for Change.

A Conversation on MLK Day with A Child of the Civil Rights Movement

Meet Caressa Thomas. Learn a little bit about her early years, the lessons she’s learned in life, and her take-aways on the life of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Harry Eberts

During the interview Harry talked about his call to ministry and the impact of religion on his life. Harry also discussed multiple historical events and particular important people throughout history. He also discussed his relationship with his wife. Harry mentions...

Naazlish YarKhan and Yousuf Khan

Naazlish YarKhan (48) talks to her son, Yousuf Khan (18), about starting his first year in college at Northern Illinois University during the COVID-19 pandemic. They talk about how the pandemic has affected their lives and their beliefs about social...

Rosalie Dance and Marilyn Clark

Rosalie Dance (73) speaks to her friend, Marilyn Clark (70), about growing up in the small town of Jersey Mills, PA. As a college student, Rosalie became involved in a Quaker group. She later became a professor of mathematics, which...

Penny Patch’s experience during the civil rights movement

We talked about the Civil Rights Movement and social justice. What we believe in and what others believe in.

Amber Secundino and Maria Aguilar

Amber Secundino (26) and her mother Maria Aguilar (46) talk about their involvement with the Fresno EOC as a framework for expanding upon their similarities regarding why they love helping others in their work and beyond. They also talk about...

How to Fight Back: Xanat Sobrevilla

Andrew Taylor (Student, Chicago) spoke with Xanat Sobrevilla (Organizer, Chicago) of Organized Communities Against Deportation about her work, the deportation process, and her vision of migration justice in the future.

Gina Blanton, Timothy Beauchamp, and Manda Adams

Friends Gina Blanton (51) and Timothy Beauchamp (54) talk with their pastor, Manda Adams (42), about their experiences with sexual identity and the church, and discuss how they put certain differences aside to fight for racial justice through their organization,...

Wauwatosa Resident Lisa Williams Backs The Black Lives Matter Movement

This interview conducted by Zoe Falk (20) in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin (Year 2020) highlights resident Lisa William's experiences and feelings about racism and the Black Lives Matter (BLM) Movement. Lisa is a mother of three and founder of Persisters, a local...

Social Justice – Our Voices Matter – Jabez

Jabez talks with Gayle Sheridan about coping with the brutal murder of George Floyd at the hands of law enforcement.

Christa Mulder and Katie Spellman

Katie Spellman (36) speaks with her mentor and collaborator, Christa Mulder (no age given), about their relationship, their pathways in science, what makes for a good mentor and collaborator, and what they have learned from each other.

Dusty Matthews and Glorianne Fahs

Dusty Matthews (53) talks with longtime Leesburg, Florida resident and local historian Glorianne Fahs (80) about living in Leesburg in 2020.

Person in Charlotte – Haley Heartley – Learning About Racism in America

Person in Charlotte conversations were engaged in response to Black Lives Matter (BLM), as a way for us to learn more about racism in America. We are meeting with our friends who have graciously agreed to have an open conversation...

Downtowners, Part 1

Talking with Downtowners about the history of First

Anti-Racism Interview

My mom and I have a conversation about our own journeys with recognizing racism in American society and our transitioning to pursuing anti-racist action.

Migrations and social Justice

Migrating to the US with her family, how that has affected her and issues she has faced as an afro-Panamanian.

Youth Leader Removed

In this interview I speak with my girlfreind's sister about a social injustice she experienced when she was a teenager.

Interview with a Deputy Sheriff

I interviewed a law enforcement officer in order to get another perspective on the way the public views them given the recent actions made by some police.It was very insightful, as I learned things I might not have ever known...

Shamaal Shahzad and Naomi Gargiulo

Naomi Gargiulo (22) talks with her friend Shamaal Shahzad (22) about her experience working with immigrants & refugees, and how her identity as the daughter of immigrants shaped her work.