Discussion highlighting some of the challenges women face in society.

This interview discusses some of the main questions from my informal research on the topic of feminism in today's society.

Adina Desaulniers and William Schubart III

One Small Step conversation partners Adina Desaulniers (64) and Bill Schubart (76) talked about their upbringings, specifically the impact their grandmothers had on them. They also discussed education, religion and social media.

Scott Taylor and Nealy Ambron

One Small Step partners Scott Taylor (29) and Nealy Ambron (41) share a conversation about their time in the military. Scott also talks about his experience navigating his identity, questioning the beliefs he was raised with, and coming out to...

Margaret Whitaker and Kathy Thomas

One Small Step Conversation Partners and educators Margaret "Magi" Whitaker (69) and Kathy Thomas (62) discuss rising political tensions, progressive politics, and the importance of educating the next generation.

Lisa Lindsay and Kim Hawley

One Small Step partners Lisa Lindsay (45) and Kim Hawley (58) discuss climate change, the war in Ukraine, and find common ground around their love for the outdoors and having dogs.


I interviewed my mom who is also my best friend and is 39 years old. We talked about her childhood and things she did as a child. We also talked about what it has been like parenting me.

Karen Colton and Amy Smith

[Recorded Monday, February 21, 2022] Karen (58) and Amy (62) recorded a One Small Step conversation together in Charlottesville, Virginia. They discussed motherhood, military service, health, and media literacy.

Mel Pine and Marty Handlon

Mel Pine (72) and his One Small Step conversation partner, Marty Handlon (54), talk about their desire to contribute to their communities, their sons, and the importance of mental health and fostering relationships.

The Difference in News from Nepal to America: Anjoo Pokharel’s Take as a Former Journalist in Both Countries

Aayam Bastola interviews his mother Anjoo Pokharel, a former journalist, about the differences in news from Nepal to that in America. She delves into topics like revolts, western culture, and thirst for knowledge as she describes her point of view...

Adolescent Archives: The Intersectionality Between Social Media and Covid as Agents of Socialization In High Schools

This interview sheds light on a teacher's perspective (Mrs. Tricia Austin), a student's perspective (Quinn Rudick), and a Superintendent of Schools perspective (Mr. Jay Austin) in discovering the adverse mental health effects that the Covid-19 pandemic brought to high schools...

Derek Waltchack and Eddie Harrington

Democrat Eddie Harrington (32) and Republican Derek Waltchack(45) discuss how religion effects political views and realize they share much in common. They explore the trajectory of government and the hardening of party lines.

Media in Ethiopia

In this interview, I talked to my mother on facetime and we discussed her childhood, the evolution of the internet and social media, and how media impacts the country of Ethiopia today.

Social media through the generational divide.

Alyssa Roberts spoke with her son Justyn Bozek regarding the workplace and travel as they have progressed with the digital age. How her safety has been impacted and how interaction with family and businesses have been influenced.

Interview with Gage Fogt

Interview talking about the impact of social media in school, and the differences between Oklahoma City and Edmond schools.

Asking my mom how much the media has changed in her lifetime

I am a junior in college. My mom is an accountant. We talked about how much the media has changed over her lifetime.

Jude O'Dell and Jeffrey Lyle

Jude O'Dell (42) and Jeffrey "Jeff" Farr (69) discuss mid-career changes, the importance of connection with other people, using the bible, history and their own life experiences as a guide of how to move through the world with compassion and...

Debi Moir and Halley Cole

One Small Step partners Debi Noir (75) and Halley Cole (28) exchange their views on abortion, military-style rifles, book bans, trans rights, and climate change.

Kieryn McCann and Samuel Ketner

One Small Step partners Kieryn McCann (28) and Samuel "Sam" Ketner (56) discuss growing their own food, how COVID fueled online divisions, and what frustrates them about their own political "side."

Niki Gedroic and Lydia Gibb

One Small Step conversation partners Niki Gedroic (58) and Lydia Gibb (64) have a conversation about Women's Rights, social media, and the Electoral College.

Lucy Frend and Steve Harms

One Small Step partners Lucy Frend (47) and Steve Harms (61) discuss their family histories, their upbringings, and politics.

Luke Catlin and Jaclyn McAnarney

One Small Step conversation partners Luke Catlin (49) and Jaclyn McAnarney (35) talk about fearing what we don't know, the wisdom of being uncertain, patriarchy, being a true patriot, and "following the money."