Socialization with My Mom

This is an interview for sociology class regarding parenting affect on children

Final Interview

We talked about socialization and education. I got a deeper look into her life.

Socialization and the Role Model Effect

Three college students, Adam Martin, Kyle Nunez, and Malachi Robbins discuss the theme of socialization in American Society


My mom talking about me being a kid for a sociology project

Interview with Annabelle

I interviewed Annabelle about socialization, feminism, and street harassment.

interview with my grandma :)

we talked about how my family developed my personality, my beliefs, values, attitudes, & norms

Socialization Project Interview

An interview about my life through the eyes of my mom!!

Emma Whitwam interview with Elizabeth Wells-Whitwam

We talked about the different ways in which she was impacted by events in her life and how they shaped her.

Socialization and Body Image

This interview was geared towards body positivity, socialization and race and how it affected Brooklyn

Women’s Voices Socialization

I talked about socialization and how it impacted my interviewer life.

The socialization of Nathan Tausch

I interviewed Nathan, a college student, about socialization.