SOC 110

Elodie and I sat down to talk about the broad themes of death and socialization. She discussed her mom’s impact on her life and the transition from high school to college. Also, we touch on remembering her grandpa and how...

Socialization interview

In this interview, I will be I interviewing my best friend, Shannon Hendricks, about her mom. She will be sharing with us how her mother helped shape the ideals and morals that she too holds today.

Socialization: from the perspective from a Philippines-born, but now-British citizen

I chose to interview my cousin Ela. Ela is a British citizen who is originally from the Philippines. In the interview, she expands on the key differences between the Philippines and England. We also talk about the topic of code-switching.

Interview w/ Sophia

Sophia Brown is my roommate from a small town just outside Sacramento. I wanted to talk to her to see how this has affected her and allowed her to be where she is now.

Socialization about Death

I interview my very best friend about socialization and the experiences that shaped her feelings about death growing up. We also discuss some loved ones who have passed, and how Nina honors them. The comparison between how the United States...

Chit chat with Zac

A brief view into some of Zac's personal experiences and beliefs.

Leo Kirshenbaum

A conversation on the advantages and disadvantages of a multicultural upbringing - part 1

SOC 110 Socialization Interview

I interview my classmate Philip on adults that have had large impacts on his life, positive and negative moments that have shaped him, and his values and hopes for the future.

Interview with Claire W.
February 3, 2020 App Interview

An interview with my roommate surrounding socialization and death. We discussed her childhood and experience as a girl along with her first experience with death and mourning.


Interviewed my roommate on socialization and the differences between Finland and US

Socialization with My Mom

This is an interview for sociology class regarding parenting affect on children

Socialization Project

Interviewing my mother about specific aspects of raising me throughout my life.

Leo Kirshenbaum

A conversation about the advantages and disadvantages of a multicultural upbringing - part 2

Emma Whitwam interview with Elizabeth Wells-Whitwam

We talked about the different ways in which she was impacted by events in her life and how they shaped her.

Luis Interview

This is about a a boy growing up after moving to the US from another country