The Socialization of Falcon

This interview was about Anthony Falcon’s socialization growing up and how his social life has shaped who he is now.

Drew Tilton Sociology Interview

This is an interview of my roommate Leland King. He is a second year Agricultural Systems Management major.

Socialization Project

This interview is about my childhood through my mother’s eyes. What I was like growing up also includes some funny stories and memories we shared. Also, I'm so sorry I sound like I am dying. I am a bit sick...

Sociology project

I talk with my parents and learn how they raised me as a child has shaped me as a person now

Socialization Project

I interview my step Mom about how she raised me

Socialization Interview

Interviewing my mom on how I was socialized

A Coming of Age Story

We talked about her childhood and her family. Also about how both of these factors have influenced her life.

Chit chat with Zac

A brief view into some of Zac's personal experiences and beliefs.

Socialization Project

Interviewing my mother about specific aspects of raising me throughout my life.

Zara Elloway and Claire Berman

I got to know about more about Claire Berman and what shaped her into who she is today.

sociology interview

i interviewed my mom about family socialization for a sociology project

Sociology Project – CJ Denault

I interviewed my mother about how I was raised and what I was like as a child.

Socialization: from the perspective from a Philippines-born, but now-British citizen

I chose to interview my cousin Ela. Ela is a British citizen who is originally from the Philippines. In the interview, she expands on the key differences between the Philippines and England. We also talk about the topic of code-switching.

Interview with Claire W.
February 3, 2020 App Interview

An interview with my roommate surrounding socialization and death. We discussed her childhood and experience as a girl along with her first experience with death and mourning.

Socialization with Clare

Interviewing my roommate Clare on the broad topic of socialization, her life, & what led her to becoming the person she is today.

Family and Socialization

This interview entails the meaning of family and the effects of childhood in adulthood.

Socialization: Julia Reddy and Cole Ross

In this interview, we explored how different life events have impacted individual growth. We discuss the importance of our surroundings in determining the people we become over time.