Socialization with My Mom

This is an interview for sociology class regarding parenting affect on children


My mom talking about me being a kid for a sociology project

Socialization Project

Questions about Bri revolving around specifics lf socialization.

Interview with mom

An interview with my mom about me as a child

Ryan Zimmerman and Sarah Stiles

Ryan Zimmerman (22) is interviewed by Sarah Stiles (50) about being a student in her sociology class, perceptions of Georgetown University in regards to social class and advice to future scholarship recipients.

Personal Experiences of Social Inequality – Media and Social Justice.

I interview my current professor from my Chicanos and Mexicans in the U.S course, Dr. Maria Cristina Morales. She has faced discrimination and prejudice and is also an advocate of using education as a way to fight against the social...

First Impressions

Are first impressions lasting impressions. How much do they really matter?