Tom Webb

Talking with my grandfather about life and what it means to be great person.

Great Grandmother Childhood
November 30, 2018 App Interview

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Kansas City, Missouri, Christopher Armstrong (18) interviews his great grandmother about her childhood and lifetime experiences.Mrs. Stewart shares stories about what she did as a child and what she liked to do....

Entrevista Con Mi Tía

En esta entrevista, mi tía me cuenta sobre la leyenda de La Siguanaba.

Interview with Mimi

A short interview about storytelling and family history

Thomas Ten Eyck / Thanksgiving

I just wanted to talk to my dad about some questions. He doesn’t like answering questions so he keeps them short and quick unless it’s about science.

Interview with Simon

We discussed his life and lessons he learned.

Poppop’s life

We talked about my poppop's life in Ireland and about his life in America.

Logan Dupre and his grandpa, Frank, talk about his life experiences.

This interview took place in New Orleans on Thanksgiving in 2020. We talk about my grandpa’s experiences in sports and jobs. There are also a few stories of his experiences including a surprise story about me.

Stories of Grandpa Dalton

“Do whatever comes along”—Frederick William Dalton. We talk about Helen’s grandfather Dalton; Idahoan, college graduate, socialist, and farmer.

Lucky to be a blue.

A conversation with my wonderful "Nanny B" (grandmother) about her relationship with my granddad, Jerry Blue. Silly memories and meaningful life lessons from very wise woman that took place on a lovely Friday afternoon. We discuss the impact of growing...

David to David, Father to Son. (Ms. Cortez period 4)

This interview is a part of the Great Thanksgiving Listen. This interview features a father and son, both named David, going over some important parts of their lives. This interview is mostly about family, life experiences, and life in general.

Gavin Wagner and Fran Furlan

Fran Furlan (81) chats with Gavin Wagner (18) about growing up in Italy, moving to the United States, and the transition that accompanied this change. The discussion migrates to Fran's life as a whole as she shares kind memories and...

Mom and Me

Mom talked about young love and crying babies.This was recorded in my kitchen while dogs barked and mom painted window trim while I iced my knee post-surgery.

Grandma Interview

I ask my grandmother questions ranging from growing up to her experience with children to her favorite book, and learn more about her views and stories.