Marilyn McIntyre Hollywood girl

Marilyn lived in Hollywood, went to UCLA. Her name was Westcott. She married Bob who became head of the So California Gas Co. he received an award from the Emperor of Japan that was also given to Ronald Regan. She...

Grandma Darleen and Motherhood

Mother and daughter reminisce about Grandma Darleen and what it means to be a mother.

"I feel like we were on similar paths"

Lisa and Christine, mom's of second graders, interview each other about balancing their home businesses while being moms. Listen to the life lessons they pass on to their children.

A step-son’s conversation with his dad.

Boomer fathers and millennial sons, in general, have a hard time communicating and relating to one another (#OKBoomer). Complicating things further, include the natural hurdle of having no blood relation, and you have the makings of an interesting conversation. This...

Seasonal Changes of Life

Two journalism students talking about growing up, first loves and heartbreaks, and future hopes.

A Vietnamese American Story

An interview between a Vietnamese American couple. Husband asks wife about life as the daughter of Vietnamese refugees, being a teacher and mother. What do you want your legacy to be? That is a complex question and the answer is...

Getting to know my mom’s past

My mom talked about something she really liked to do as a child. And she went into the part of her life that was really horrible for her and emotional to talk about.

New to Orange County

Melissa and Renee talk about stories they care about in Orange County during commutes

16 year anniversary

We shared our story of how we met and our life over the last 16 years.

Airstream Adventures

Brent and Sue are co-workers and this adventure gave them the opportunity to learn more about each other.

The House that Love Built

Ronald McDonald House founder, Fred Hill, interviewed by Charles Antis… We discussed Kim Hill, and how her legacy has changed the world for Families with sick kids, by keeping them Close! Fred is a storyteller, was a professional Tight End...

Visiting mother

Conversational interviewing mother about Santa Ana, past loves and life.

Friends remembering Orange County

How we met, and our memories of being here in Orange County

Partners Talk about Stuffed Animal Collection

Cyrus’ collection includes a stuffed Dobby and a bat. Xitlalitl’s includes several hedgehogs. They both share a build-a-bear named Mixie.

Conversations with the Art of Life

Interview with Dr Janet Woods and Dr Max Abrams about their experiences in Orange County California