Diving Into The Mind

This is a small interview of getting to know a classmate, and how he feels about the world and his past.

Living History Project

I talked with Wendy Cinofsky about her mom’s experience as a World War II survivor.

Master Opal’s Story
October 21, 2022 App Interview

Justin Clark’s instructor, Master Opal Harbert, shares her story. She explains how she got up to this point, how she progressed, and her tactics on teaching kids in need.

my dad’s life story

Interview between Jaya Kosaraju (17 years old) and her dad, Amar Kosaraju. They talk about his childhood, experiences in India, job as a dentist in the Air Force, and family life.

Papa’s interview #2
December 9, 2022 App Interview

He explained his childhood, job, love, family and life.

productivity is one of the most important assets

I talk about a how productivity is one of the best assets you can have in the modern world. I tell a story about one of my jobs and how it has affected me when it comes to productivity

The Great Thanksgiving Listen With my Nonno

We talked about his life and about his transition from Italy to America.

Our Love Journey (Mandy & Kevin)

This is a recap of our Love Journey together a few months before our wedding.

Interview with my Mama Ito :)

What an honor it was to hear my mom share her story!

A Person of Inspiration

We talked about my dad’s life and what he has done to shape the way he lived today. Also the impact he has had on other people.

2035 by Jayde De La Torre

In 2035, holes in the ozone layer appeared, spreading at a rapid rate. This is the story two teenagers dealing with the aftermath.

Interview with Daniel

Just a simple interview with my friend Daniel

Getting To Know My Mom

My mom talks about her life, from her childhood in Vietnam all the way to where she wants to live in the future.

Someone Living With Cancer
October 31, 2018 App Interview

Pamela Earney is a woman who has been living with cancer since 2012. In this interview she talks about how cancer has affected her everyday life and the ones around her.

November 29, 2017 App Interview

Разговор по душам

American Me

In this amateur interview taken by a senior from EPIC HIGH SCHOOL SOUTH in New York, you will hear their assistant principal talk about his story of his immigration to US and overall the idea of “American me”

Childhood Memories

In this interview, I mainly asked my mother about how she grew up and what it was like. She told me about growing up in Mexico, as well as a short story involving a tarantula. She is the strongest person...