Kristi Hager and Leslie Van Stavern Millar talk about Hager's exhibition,"Equal: A Work in Progress".

Kristi Hager (74) talks with Leslie Van Stavern Millar (70) about Hager's Exhibition at the Missoula Art Museum, "Equal: A Work in Progress", their special art friendship over twenty years, portraits, photography and shared commitment to women's rights.

Kristi Hager and Willa Fouts talk about the exhibition "Equal: A Work in Progress"

Kristi Hager (74) and her goddaughter, Willa Fouts (32) talk about mentorship and support over the years, memories of a trip to San Francisco, climate change advocacy, women's rights and Willa's portrait and the feeling of comfort at being included...

Jacqueline Arthur-Montagne and Sara Robinson

[Recorded Friday, Feb. 4th, 2022] Jacqueline (33) and Sara (75) recorded a One Small Step conversation together in Charlottesville, Virginia. They discussed marriage, LGBTQ identities, memories of childhood, and their professional lives.

Polio and post polio syndrome.

Nancy Gosz was diagnosed with polio at age 4. Thirty-six years later she was diagnosed with post polio syndrome. She watched her mother go through this illness. This is her story.

Ambassador Dr. Sharron J. Brown"How I found the power of my voice"

In this interview, conducted on June 15, 2021 in Atlanta, Georgia. Dr. LC Myles Jr. (73) interviews his wife Ambassador Dr. Sharron J. Brown (51) about her childhood in the city of Memphis and her journey though Human Trafficking. She...

Roth and Ross: Two Strong Women

Ilene Roth (52) talks with her niece, Rachel Ross (13) about life.

Chennai Vaasis in the OC

"Vaasis" is a Tamil word that means residents. Two long term residents of the OC and American citizens, formerly South Indian natives of the city of Chennai (Madras), discuss parental and ethnic influences, arranged marriages, and how immigrant cultures and...

Dean Grodzins and Lee Grodzins

Dean Grodzins (59) interviews his father Lee Grodzins (94) about his life, education and career as a professor and physicist at MIT.

Kate Fisher and Patricia Hogenmiller

Friends Kate Fisher (70) and Patricia Hogenmiller (70) talk about aging and inspirational women they have met along the way.

Ramatoulie Deen and Reshma Kamal

Friends, Reshma Kamal [No Age Given] and Ramatouli Deen (43), look back on their childhoods in India and The Gambia, describe their experiences immigrating to the United States, share how their role models have shaped who they are today, and...

Anna Paloma Williams and Luz Kenyon

Anna Paloma Williams (32) asks her mother, Luz Kenyon (58), about what life was like for her as she immigrated to the United States from Mexico and raised her children in a new country. They also discuss the female role...

Jamie Citerin and Laura McInturf

Jamie Citerin talks with her mother (64) about her life from growing up in Elkhart Indiana to family history, to being a young mother in the 1970's, from her faith to historical events that she has witnessed/experienced.

A Conversation About Reclamation

G and I sat in Ashley’s house and talked about her goals, the strong women in her life and who she wants to be remembered as.

Adaeze Nwankwo and Lori Motola

Adaeze talked about the ripple effect of shining your light so that others can find and shine their own, how knowing where you came from is vital in order to understand who you are and how she helps young girls...

Me and My wonderful mom

We talked about being our true selves and how amazing each and everyone can be

Interview with Dana

Maddy Thompson (53) talks asks her friend Dana Doss (54) to share some stories and reflection on life. Dana talks about her favorite childhood memory of doing barrel races on her Shetland pony, life growing up in the south, her...

Jenny Bevill interviews Kristi Hager about her exhibition "Equal:A Work in Progress".

Jenny Bevill (54) from the Missoula Art Museum talks with artist Kristi Hager (74) about her exhibition "Equal: A Work in Progress". The Equal Rights Amendment, women's rights, intergenerational inspiration and artistic process are discussed.

Kristi Hager and Ginnie Lo discuss the exhibition Equal: A Work in Progress and sisterhood specifically and in general.

Kristi Hager (74) and Ginnie Lo (73) talk about how they got to know each other through Ginnie's sister, Missoula artist Beth Lo. They discuss collaborations between sisters and strong parental role models. Kristi explains why she wanted to include...

Madeline Blyveis and Tessa Fenstermaker

Cohort-mates Madeline Blyveis (31) and Tessa Fenstermaker (24) discuss their love of the North Country Trail (NCT) and the lessons they have learned as young women who love the outdoors.

Talethia Edwards, Anita Wimberly, and Valerie George

A group of African-American "sista friends," Talethia Edwards (39), Valerie George (38) and Anita Wimberly [no age given], chat about life, intimate platonic friendships, family, marriage and the importance of their bond in the African-American community. They talk about the...


Spending time with my mom, who has always been a strong woman and leader–it was important for me to hear her wisdom.