Common Ground Tacony: Christian and Jackie

Christian is a high school student who frequents the Tacony Arts Lab classes and open studios. Christian was really excited by the interview and cyanotype process, so much so he quickly downloaded the StoryCorps app. Upon encouraging Christian to start...

workshop test

how sanai’s childhood was

Interviewing my Computer Science teacher

Shelby Moore(18) interviews her computer science teacher Mrs.Agee. Questions are asked about the school system today and from the past. Mrs.Agee talks about her childhood and her career.

Interviewing my Chemistry Teacher

In this interview, I ask my Chemistry teacher several questions about her experiences as a teacher, and a couple about her general life experiences.

Reese Reittinger talks to her brother Aiden about his life

Reese Reittinger (15) talks to her older brother, Aiden Reittinger (19), about his time at Wheeler High School, his freshman year at Purdue University, and what he thinks his future holds. Aiden talks about his inspirations throughout high school, including...

Mrs. Hayes and Kailyn JBeily have a conversation about Mrs. Hayes’ career at Rocklin High School.

Having known eachother for 6 years, Mrs. Hayes and student Kailyn JBeily have a discussion about the early career life of Mrs. Hayes and how her job has changed her life. She has had her two boys go through the...

Global Arizona

This is Robin Blue, she is from the state of Arizona. She lived in Africa for 7 years and during her time in Africa she was a minister.

A Covid Conversation

Today I will be discussing the impact that Covid-19 had on my brother, Cameron Jones. Whether it was the transition to remote learning or the rallies in Richmond.

Interviewing My Mentor

I interview my mentor for my philosophy project

Oscar Balladares and Tanish Sathish

Oscar Balladares, a deported veteran, talks to Tanish Sathish, a student, about his experience in the army, getting deported as a veteran, and some important life lessons from a unique perspective.

Meeting My Piano Teacher: Jane Calder

Today I interviewed Jane Calder. I have known her for nine years now. Although I have known her for so long, k have never known much about her. I learned about her childhood, life, mentors, and so much more.

High School is a Confusing Time

Andrian speaks on her time as an engineer, retirement home server, and confused Catholic school student.

Travis Tavana’s Practice Interview Assignment

In this test recording, Travis Tavana, a student at the University of Eastern Michigan, located in Ypsilanti, MI, recorded a practice recording to prepare for his upcoming interview in June of 2023. Travis is a dual-majoring student of criminology and...

Mock Interview

An interview with classmate Kory Barrow, 23. We talked about his life