From Thailand to the USA

Today I sat down with Ploy to discuss life in Thailand versus the USA and the adjustment she made when moving to the states alone at the age of 17.

Mother and Son Interview
November 25, 2021 App Interview

We talked about how COVID is affecting us and how we adapted to it. We also talked about working and why it’s important.

Covid Pandemic Lifestyle

Interview of a student and her life while going through the pandemic

American Dream

High school students talk about modern issues in America

,Teresa Gomez John faris school interview

talked about where he lived and his favorite memories and what was his old dream job

The Mexicans

Two students interview each other about their interests.

A Discussion about College Life in America

Tinbit and I discussed her time as a University Student in America and how that experience has been for her. We also discussed some of the differences, challenges, and good parts she has faced as a minority student in the...

Smith_Ashlyn_Fullsail Interview

As a student and wife I had the privilege of putting together the information learned this month to the test! I pressed record and interviewed my husband in his current and future goals as a teacher.

Michelle E interviews Anastasiia V (student)

Student AISU 2019 international ELL Michelle E interviews Anastasiia V (student)

Interview with Ms.Annon

A former student interviews her teacher. They talk about her work and school life, as well as her childhood.

Fran Close and C. Perry Brown

Dr. Fran Close (54) interviews her good friend and colleague Dr. C. Perry Brown (74) about his journey toward becoming an epidemiologist, his work as a researcher and college professor, and the relationships that both keep him grounded and make...

High School is a Confusing Time

Andrian speaks on her time as an engineer, retirement home server, and confused Catholic school student.