Interview with my dad

I asked my dad a few questions about his childhood and what it was like growing up.

Asking my mother about her childhood

I asked my mom some questions about her childhood and learned some things that I never knew. She had some rough times as a child. As I live with her today I can see how much she’s grown since she...

Aiden's Story of Survival and Resiliency

This storyteller had the traumatic experience of being pursued romantically by a person in a position of power. As a young person desiring attention, he was unable to recognize what was happening at the time. Now, upon reflection, he is...

Fredrica Thompson and Jermaine Dean

Mother and son Fredrica Thompson (45) and Jermaine Dean (24) talk about aspirations, purpose, and survival and community.

Wolfgang Lauck and Monica Ennis

Monica Ennis (61) has a conversation with her father, Wolfgang Lauck (94), about him growing up in Germany during World War II and immigrating to the United States.

Todd Smith and Jude Wilkes Smith

Jude Wilkes Smith (13) interviews his father, Todd Smith (53), about his first-hand experience with the September 11th, 2001 tragedy.

Story of Survival at a Club Retreat

In this recording, the speaker shares her experience of sexual assault while on a club retreat, and reflects on the thoughts and emotions surrounding this experience and others similar to it.

A Survivor of Komodo Island

Ellie Smith (15) asks her mom's boyfriend, Magnus Lofstrom (57) to tell one of his favorite stories from backpacking around the world at 20 years old.

Bronwyn Miller and Maleica [No Name Given]

Friends Bronwyn Miller [no age given] and Maleica [No Name Given] [no age given] discuss Maleica having HIV, survival, and hope.

Escaping North Korean Conscription

My great grandfather's escape from North Korean forced conscripton.

Hampton Interview

We talked about love, relationships between people of all kind, and strength through positive and negative experiences.

Charlie Bryant and Kenyatta Hills

Charlie Bryant (99) tells his granddaughter Kenyatta Hills (32) about his life working as a farmworker and truck driver, about his love of God, and his love of cooking.

Christina Vela and Jessica Halling

Christina Vela (48) interviews her friend and colleague Jessica Halling (40) about her experience as a survivor of sex trafficking and about her journey on the path towards healing.

Lubow Ingram’s college story

How my mom got a college education after coming to the U.S. from Europe.

Tran Pham and Melody Fawcett

Tran shares her experience of the loss of her premature girl, Bao An Pham Huynh shortly after birth. On the anniversary of her daughter's birth, she is taking the day off to honor her memory. She shares her gratitude for...

Paul Baresel and Mat Robedee

Paul Baresel (69) tells his son Mat Robedee (38) about his father's service as a sniper in World War II. Paul and Mat reflect on Paul's father's story of encountering and sheltering a young woman who had been tortured by...

Estevan Rael-Galvez and Edward Chacón-Lontín

Long time friends Estevan Rael-Galvez (54) and Edward "Eddie" Joseph Chacón-Lontín (68) share a conversation about Eddie's family heritage, his mother’s practice of silence in the interest of survival, and his experience understanding and embracing his mixed identity. The two...

“I wanted to help them, but I could do nothing but lend them some of my strength”

This recording is about how my mother managed to cross Myanmar’s border over to Thailand. In this recording, She speaks about personal encounters she had to overcome and how she managed to live despite the war.

Surviving a historic Vermont flood

Matt Commo (55) and Ann Commo (53) live in Waterbury, Vermont which on July 10th-11th experienced historic flooding. They share the flood’s impacts on them, their story of rebuilding, and their perspectives on the future living in a floodplain.

The Life Of A Hardworking Mother

A mother's life is her young ones. Erika Gonzalez is a dedicated mother of 4 youngsters. Interview by her daughter Madison Holden, Erika gave some information about her kids and her life as a mother. Erika couldn't consider anything she...

The sinking of the Gambier Bay escort carrier

This is a first-person account of what a young Iowa farm boy experienced after the escort carrier he was stationed on was sunk and the harrowing 48 hours spent floating in the Pacific Ocean before being rescued.

The Ups and Downs of Barbara Potucek’s Life.

On November 22, 2017 in La Grange Park, Illinois, Declan Joseph Hynes (13) interviewed Barbara Ann Potucek. Throughout the interview Declan talked to Barbara about her life through her childhood, teenage years, work, marriage, kids and grandkids. Her life was...