Interview with John Hoover, a teacher and grandfather

John Hoover described his teaching experience and what raising my dad was like

Teaching Reading & Life Lessons
January 17, 2018 App Interview

One teacher goes above and beyond to reach the unreachable.

Great Thanksgiving Test Run

Just a nifty little test run of this weird app

View from a teacher

Pat talks about her opinions on being a teacher

Interviewing My Mother

Interview with my mother about who has influenced her life, family history, and her work history and experiences.

Interview with my dad about life :)

I (Natalie Unis) I terries my dad (Matt Unis) about his experiences throughout life and how that has shaped him. We started at the college years and moved up until now, him being a coach, teacher, and father.

Story Corps Mrs Shannon

We talked about Mrs.Shannon, a science teacher and how her job has affected her life.

My Grandmother’s Jobs — Teacher

In this interview, I asked my grandmother how she got to her job as a teacher and what jons she wanted before. She also explained what the jobs were like, and what her favorite was. At the end, she provided...

Betty (my grandmother)

We talked about Grandma Betty's childhood memories and becoming an art teacher.

Mike Walker Music Man
February 18, 2018 App Interview

What made the hardships of the music industry worth it.

David Ferge and Thomas Lott

Teachers David Ferge (38) and Thomas Lott (69) talk about their time serving in the military, their thoughts on the current war, and their shared love of teaching.

Service Learning

Entrevista al profesor Mario Estudiante: Alexa Fuentes Rodríguez

FYS Interview about the theme of protest with Jessica Salfia by Michael Martin

I interviewed Jessica Salfia for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories, particularly oral histories....

Interviewing Jenna Seigal About Her Past to Future

I interviewed my friend who is an Early Childhood Education Major about her past and what influenced her and what she would do in certain circumstances as an educator that she lived through already.

The discovery of my advisory’s story

In this conversation, a student (Amy Tran) is interviewing her advisory (Mimi Csatlos) about her childhood memories of her pony. More than that, it was also about her decision of marriage at an early age and the up and down...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen with Grandma

In this interview, I spent some time with my grandmother as she discussed her daring mother’s trip from Italy to America, her childhood in the face of poverty, her parents’ influence on her life, her experience in the military, and...