Community-based Science and Capacity Building with NASA and the Navajo Nation

Dr. Amber McCullum is an Applied Research Scientist for the Bay Area Environmental Research Institute (BAERI) at NASA Ames who is currently co-developing a drought tool with the Navajo Nation Department of Water Resources that includes remote sensing and ground-based...

Is life better now?

Me and my gramps talk about life

Talking about Influential Mentors, Technology, and Continuous Learning with Ravi

Ravi Kanagala shares some insights about his educational and professional endeavors, and how he got to be where he is today.

A Conversation with my Friend's Dad about Technology affects the Workspace and American Culture

Mr. Kundu and I have a conversation on his experiences and difficulties (or lack theorf) in coming to America, through his education to working up the corporate ladder and eventually starting his own consulting business. Then we go on a...

Career Insights. My brother, the Genius.

Career Insights on my younger brother’s (Abiodun) job within the tech industry. I (Contessa) wanted to get a better understanding for what he does. We explore how he got into tech, the lessons he’s learned & where he sees himself...

Makinde Adedapo and Ayorinde Iranlowo-Ifatunji

Makinde Adedapo (37) talks to his sister, Aryorinde Iranlowo-Ifatunji (23) about growing up, moving to New York, and her relationship to spirituality.

SOUTA with Donna Marquet

An interview with Donna Marquet, Senior Lecturer in Scenic Design at the University of North Texas and founder of SOUTA. We discuss the planning, execution, and impact of this event that connects graduating students to theatre industry professionals.