StoryCrops Project

I asked my mother few questions about how the life back then.

Growing up

My aunt was telling me about her parents and how she went through many problems in life but she went through it.she also told me you can go through anything in life as long as you have what you need.

Interviewing my grandma

We talked about what she was like as a teenager and child and how she has changed today from when she was a kid.

Interview with my mom

I talked with my mom about her past as a teenager, what she did, and the relationships she had with her family members.

Interviewing my dad

Me send my dad have a couple laughs and he tells me about his time as a kid and funny stories about our family

Me And An Interview With My Mom

Through tough years at a younger age you can still grow up and live a normal life

My Grandma Cheryll

My Grandma and I talked about her childhood and what she was like as a child. We talked about her dad who passed away and also about my parents.


What iGen can do to change the world from the perspective of a teenager.

The Life of the Amazing Juan Alvarez

Life in Mexico and Chicago for my godfather, Juan Alvarez, was never easy and he was brought up with a hard work ethic that helped him get to where he is today in life. Family, things that make you happy,...

My mother, Miriam Menchaca, and her life

The interview taken in Fort Worth, Texas was for my mother, Miriam Menchaca. The interview is over the experiences my mother had when growing up in Mexico.

Kara talks to Lauren about her experiences in high school.

When asked about an event when she was a teenager, Kara Hattan talks about her friend who attempted suicide. She explains what happened and the outcomes. She also discusses the effect of this on her, and how she and her...

November 24, 2017 App Interview

We talked about her early life!

Our Younger Selves

Reviewing the teenage years of two Asian American millennials and how they met in the most millennial way!

A Short Peek Into the Past
September 13, 2019 App Interview

In this interview, Elly talks about her life as a kid in Hong Kong, her time at boarding school in England, and a stupid decision she made in college.

Greatest Father

I have interviewed my father and heard stories I hadn’t heard before. I has made my knowledge grow with him.

Sit Down with Keely Brown

Keely talks about her life so far and discusses the importance of positivity