JaLynn Evans Mass Communications Media Project

Today I will be interviewing Shanel Evans and we will discuss the importance of media from when she was growing up, and how it has impacted her life.

Early Media Experience

Talking to my father about his media experience in the 70s as well as now

Discussing Television Through the Years. From Howdy Duty to Modern Streaming Services.

Barbara Meadows and Allyson Hutchens discuss television from Howdy Duty and the Kennedy Assassination, to todays modern streaming service’s. They talk about how news coverage can change the way a nation views the world.

Vietnam by association

Back in New Jersey. In the sixties, life was easy, not much to worry about until the Vietnam war came along. In November, 2018, Jude Bornstein is interviewing his dad Steve Bornstein. Jude asks His father Steve Bornstein about what...

Missing the Simplicity of Early TV or are we Sick of Turning the Knob?

My name is Anica Cajayon and I interviewed my father, Jaime Cajayon, about what it was like growing up in a less technologically advanced society. We compared many different aspects of broadcasting and television in general such as streaming services,...

Technology when my Dad was a kid. GJHhistory

This interview is about the technology's my dad had when he was a kid. This interview is for my school history class GJHhistory

Television News in Texas from the 70s to the early 2000s

Interview with the interviewer's mother describing her experiences with televised news growing up in Texas.

62 Years of Television

Erin Romness interviews her father about television over his lifetime. She goes into detail about cable and the history of ads and televsion.

How has the internet changed your life? A son and his mother

A son asks his mother about how the internet has made a difference in her life and about the specific struggles she has overcome.

Television and Media with Susan Evans

This interview was conducted by Austin Evans who is a student at VCU. The interviewee, Susan Evans, works in the mortgage industry and we discussed TV/Media habits, experiences and changes over the years.

How the media has changed from the 1970s to now

Today I decided to ask my dad, Antonio Price about the different types of media. He is 46 years older and I am 19 years old. I asked him about the influence, changes, and his personal feelings about the media...

IB Lit: Media Presentation of Family and Social Relationships — interview with my dad

For my IB Language and Literature class, I asked my father questions relating to his family experiences and how the media was or wasn’t an impact on them. At the end, he recites a poem he made about his aunt...


This interview investigates many historical events from the unique perspective of my mother who grew up in Austria in the late 1900s and moved to the USA in 1996 (a decision she goes into detail on). We discuss the influence...

when cable was good

A reflection on when times were simple and tv was good

First TV in Loughrea

Cyril Connaughton (55) talks with his daughter, Maeve Connaughton (18) about television throughout his life. Cyril spoke about his favorite shows growing up as well as his opinion on the progression of television and censorship.

Old Media outside of the United States

My best friend’s dad who immigrated to the United States about 5 years ago, talks about what life was like in Venezuela and Colombia before my time. We talked about how news, music, and television was given back when it...

Evolution of television since 1967

I sat down and talked with my mother about all the changes in television since she was born and she talks about where she thinks this industry is headed.

When Media Met the Military

Susan Suddoth (46), an intelligence specialist in the NAVY, talks with her daughter, Angelina Suddoth (19), a VCU student, about how the media affects the United States military. They talk about how tv shows and movies can affect the attitudes...