JaLynn Evans Mass Communications Media Project

Today I will be interviewing Shanel Evans and we will discuss the importance of media from when she was growing up, and how it has impacted her life.

Communication then and Now

This was a interview with my Grandmother comparing commutations from the 50s onto present day.

Daily life in the 1950s

In this interview on December 1, 2018 in Plano Texas Kylie Lodes interviews her grandma Patricia Fuller about her life growing up. She talks about where she was born and what her school life was like as a child and...

Lee Hutchinson

We talked about, life in the 50s, music, and the coming about of TV. Then, I asked him about his experiences as a farmer during the Vietnam War, and his views on how farming has changed.

Interview with Rodney Ruble

Interview with Rodney Ruble about his upbringing in small town Arkansas and life experiences that were shaped by US history.

Early Media Experience

Talking to my father about his media experience in the 70s as well as now

when cable was good

A reflection on when times were simple and tv was good

You Are Only As Good As Your Last Croissant

Cooking is a form of art and so many people love making and eating food. On January 6th 2019 in Los Angeles California, Jack Beerman interviewed his grandmother Sarabeth Levine to learn about her early life as a pastry chef....

Technology Throughout Grandma’s Lifetime (mass comm 101)

Born in Mississippi in 30’s, Millie discusses technological changes throughout her lifetime and how they’ve impacted her personally.

Nana’s Childhood in Providence.

Nana tells Mia about life in the 40’s and 50’s. They were the first ones on the street to get a TV!

Vietnam by association

Back in New Jersey. In the sixties, life was easy, not much to worry about until the Vietnam war came along. In November, 2018, Jude Bornstein is interviewing his dad Steve Bornstein. Jude asks His father Steve Bornstein about what...


This interview investigates many historical events from the unique perspective of my mother who grew up in Austria in the late 1900s and moved to the USA in 1996 (a decision she goes into detail on). We discuss the influence...

IB Lit: Media Presentation of Family and Social Relationships — interview with my dad

For my IB Language and Literature class, I asked my father questions relating to his family experiences and how the media was or wasn’t an impact on them. At the end, he recites a poem he made about his aunt...

The Impact of TV and the Media Through the Years

I asked Karen about how TV has changed through the years and the way that shows can impact the minds and even actions of the people.

Televisión en el siglo XXI

Básicamente se enfocó en el estado que se encuentra la televisión en nuestro siglo.

Remembering Television

Talking about what television was like back in the day with my grandma.