Interview With Dad About College Tennis Career

Talked about his most memorable match throughout college.

Life Dedicated to Sports.
November 1, 2018 App Interview

In the interview you will hear about how my mom spend her life as a sports person. She was once ranked number two for womens soft tennis in Nepal. After spending her young life as a player, she has now...

Brendan O’rourke on Life in Covid 19

Brendan was happy to see his friends, and struggled throughout his tennis season

Manu’s Life

Throughout the interview, I asked my girlfriend about her life experiences that were the most significant during her life. And, I also made sure to ask about how different her life was in Colombia compared to the life she has...

Nithik Chintalacheruvu Interviews his Father about his Life

In this interview,conducted in Morganville, Nithik Chintalacheruvu talks to his Father about various things including his childhood and his journey to America. He learns a lot about his father.

Darlena Moore and Samuel Moore

Spouses Darlena Moore (60) and Samuel Moore (62) share a conversation about how they first met, Darlena’s time in foster care, and their family.

Let’s Play Tennis!

Gigi Merino interviews her dad, Robert Merino. He talks about his adventures from living in Costa Rica when he was a young boy, to wanting to be a professional athlete! He mentions his loving father and how he wanted to...

John LaFontaine, Lynne Trotta, and Mary Ollila

Sisters Lynne Trotta (60) and Mary Ollila (56) share a conversation with their father, John LaFontaine (86), about John’s upbringing in Connecticut, their family, the different places they lived, and how John ended up moving to Wilmington, North Carolina.

Interview with mom

In this interview I interview my mom (Adrian Bennett) about her upbringing and her journey to become a doctor.

The Wearer of Hats: an Interview with a Diverse Father

From the tennis court to the runway, and everything in between, Henry Jacobson has had a diverse journey through life that's not over yet.

Interview with my father pt. 1

My father and I talked about people he looked up to, his experience in school, childhood hobbies, and his childhood dream job.

Hallet interview pt 2

We talked about growing up/life in Mobile, the life of tennis growing up, what values to hold on to and college here at BSC. A true gem for future generations

Juliann and Dan

Juliann and Dan talk about Dan’s experience growing up and how his Russian roots shaped his experience.