LHP bella zachary #2

I’m interviewing my boyfriends mother who saw 9/11 unfold. Details of the aftermath in the following weeks of the attack and months while working at Goldman Sachs.

Monica Toft and Ivan Arreguin-Toft

Spouses Monica Duffy Toft (55) and Ivan Arreguin-Toft (59) discuss the first time they met, their marriage, their children, and the political events they have lived through with one another.

A Baby Boomer’s Life

Life in the 21st century (2018) from the perspective of a married couple born in the 50’s.


I️n this interview we briefly talked about her life and what 9/11 was like during the event and how I️t has effected us after.

Dr.Jose Castro-Urioste and his son talk about his first thoughts on the United States and his experience with 9/11

In this interview, conducted on November 25th, 2018, in Chicago, Illinois, Lucas Humberto Castro-Hurmpfner(15) interviews Dr. Jose Castro-Urioste (56) about the United States. He first shares about coming to the United States and how he first felt about it. Next...

Mr. Gass’ Memories of 9/11

Mr. Gass recounts his memories and feelings about 9/11 as the attacks went on and in the months following this event.

Oklahoma City Bombings

This is an interview about my Dad’s perspective on the Oklahoma City Bombings. How it effected him and the world around him. We also talked about terrorism in general.


The events and the everlasting effects

A Block Away from Disaster

“The plane was so close the building I was in was shaking.” It was January 8, 2020, and Will Keller had just begun his interview with his mom, Mccurrah Keller. Will wanted to learn more about her experiences when she...

9/11 interview

9/11 was very polarizing for the nation and changed the life of many Americans.

9/11 History Interview

My dad and I talked about 9/11 and some questions surrounding it.

War on Terrorism

I interview my grandmother about the War on Terrorism and the effects it had on her and the world.


In this interview, we discussed world tragedies and potential danger within the government. We also discussed personal opinions on preventative actions.

9/11 Interview

Thoughts and opinions on 9/11 from a 30 year old Mom at the time.

LHP interview

I interview my mother about the events on 9/11 and a personal story during the events. We also talk about how it changed day to day life and how it’s impacted Americans.