LHP interview

I interview my mother about the events on 9/11 and a personal story during the events. We also talk about how it changed day to day life and how it’s impacted Americans.

9/11 interview

It was interesting talking about 9/11. It was a story I will remember

September 11, 2001

Questions describing the time period during 9/11

9/11 interview for apush summer work

This interview of the events of 9/11 and experiences of the traumatic day is by Olivia Mendelsohn (16). She interviews her dad, Scott Mendelsohn (52).

Moms experience with 9/11

mother,age 54, talks about their experience with the attacks on 9/11.

9/11 Interview

Thoughts and opinions on 9/11 from a 30 year old Mom at the time.


I interviewed my dad and asked his thoughts and opinions about 9/11 and the impact it had on our country.


In this interview, we discussed world tragedies and potential danger within the government. We also discussed personal opinions on preventative actions.

My Dad’s 9/11 Experience

In this interview, the topic of 9/11 and the history of terrorism was briefly discussed, as well as my father's personal experience with the impactful event.

The political and societal impact of 9/11

I (Elise, 16) sit down to talk with my dad(51) about his memory of 9/11 and the effects it had on the modern day. We start with him recalling when he first found out a plane had hit the World...

LHP bella zachary #2

I’m interviewing my boyfriends mother who saw 9/11 unfold. Details of the aftermath in the following weeks of the attack and months while working at Goldman Sachs.

The Attacks on September 11, 2001

I, Ari Kaswan (16), interviewed my neighbor Jeanette Bass (50) about 9/11. We talked about her experience during and after the attacks with how it affected the United States in a broad amount of ways, including security, racism, and day...


I️n this interview we briefly talked about her life and what 9/11 was like during the event and how I️t has effected us after.

Monica Toft and Ivan Arreguin-Toft

Spouses Monica Duffy Toft (55) and Ivan Arreguin-Toft (59) discuss the first time they met, their marriage, their children, and the political events they have lived through with one another.

A Baby Boomer’s Life

Life in the 21st century (2018) from the perspective of a married couple born in the 50’s.

Interview of Patrick Dawson on 9/11

Interview by Jack Dawson (son) (16) of Patrick Dawson (father) (46) on 9/11/2001. Covered topics of experience on the day and after the events.

9/11 Interview

Today I have a talk with my dad, Peter Klug about his whereabouts and personal connection during 9/11. During this interview, we talk about the personal impact 9/11 had on him and how 9/11 has affected America today.


The events and the everlasting effects

A Block Away from Disaster

“The plane was so close the building I was in was shaking.” It was January 8, 2020, and Will Keller had just begun his interview with his mom, Mccurrah Keller. Will wanted to learn more about her experiences when she...