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Attitude Of Gratitude Sayyed

Overall I asked four questions to the participant, my mom, Judith. She replied to the questions and I recorded it. The first question I asked was what are you thankful for? Next I asked her to tell me about her...

Questions for my Mom

Asking my mom about her memories. Asking her what she’s thankful for.

Thanksgiving listen project

My dad and I talked about his life and what has affected his life. He answered my questions about his life and about what he has lived through with American History.

The Great Listen with Cherie Kilgo
November 26, 2022 App Interview

I’m interviewing my long time friend Cherie Kilgo. She is 64 and I am 32. Family, grateful, friendship, tradition, loss

Mom & daughter talk

In this interview Missy learns about her moms life growing up in Wisconsin. They also talk about Missy’s life and the situations that have made a impact on her life.

Charlotte McCue talks about her childhood memories.

My mom, Charlotte McCue sits down with me to talk about her fondest childhood memories.

Yolanda Rojo 1/7/18

1st interview with my mom to talk about her past and what she is grateful for.

Culture Shock

Spent the evening talking with my roommate about her move from Vietnam to Plymouth, NH. What we thought our lives would look like at 20 years old vs what the actually look like. How is the US different from Vietnam?...

Thanksgiving interview

Most of these questions were just about life and how she feels

Interview with David

We talked about what he was thankful for and what his future holds for him.

Jerry, a Loving Father, Speaks on his Childhood, Family, Household, and Life in America.

In this recording, Jerry Barton (46) is interviewed by his daughter, Gabriela Barton (15). Jerry Barton speaks on jobs he had as a teenager in the Czech Republic before coming to America. He also expresses the amount of impact his...

Jill Rice

I interviewed my mother to ask her about her reflections of life and the lessons she has learned over the years. She has been a mother for 20 years and has been through a lot. I conducted this interview at...

My grandmother, Nedja

Growing up in a small city in Bosnia and Herzegovina in poverty. My grandmother didn't have much in life other than her family. She explains that her family was always her number one prirority in life.


I’m speaking with my boyfriend about his reflection on his life so far.

Betty Carroll 2017

We talked about what my Grandma’s life as a child was like, the most influential people on her life, what she’s most proud of, how her life is different from how she imagined it would be as a child, what...

Thanksgiving Interview Adam 2

In this interview, conducted on November 25, 2018 in Cozad, NE, Katelyn Calhoun (17) interviews Adam Millermon in attempt to get to know him. She asks him questions about himself and what he is thankful for.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen: Oliver Wasson and Anja Wasson

For Thanksgiving 2022, Oliver Wasson (17) sits down with his mother Anja Wasson (57) to discuss the concept of family. Anja, who immigrated from Germany by herself, speaks making the transition between German and American traditions.