The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Asking questions to my mom and her first thoughts when asked.

Vishrut interviewing Nick

Vishrut interviews Nick about the coronavirus pandemic and how it has affected him.

Great Thanksgiving Listen

Interview with my mom about her past and events that took place in her life.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked and reminisced about Ms. Poe’s younger life and how grateful she is today.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

Over the weekend, I asked my family members a couple questions in order to get to know them better. I am grateful to have them in my life and I’m glad I had the chance to learn more about their...

Thanksgiving interview

This is my interview with my father during the Thanksgiving break.

Questions for Dad

Thus interview was conducted partly in English and Spanish since my dad is not fully flient in English We talked about his childhood, favorite memories, and when he emigrated to the U.S. *He preferred not be in the picture in...

How my Grandma experience going to the U.S

My grandma tells me about her experiences in Colombia and the U.S

Thanksgiving with my Mom

My mother and I discussing some great family history. Tune into about 4 minutes to hear some great questions being answered about my mother’s life.

My cousin Anthony

We touched upon his life and early struggles

Thanksgiving Boo-Byes

Origin story of family goodbye and reminiscing on family get-togethers.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen

My mom told me about some of her memories and what she’s most grateful for

Friends Part 2

Middle school friends sometimes don’t last too long. But these 3 sophoremores want to stay together for the long run.

Growing up and traditions

Talked about food storage and how food was made for the holidays. Also mentioned times during the war years as well as DDT usage afterwards.

English 10H StoryCorps Interview – Aryan Jain

We talked about childhoods of all of the individuals and it was generally a fun time getting to know each other better.

My grandma’s memories
November 25, 2017 App Interview

I learned how my grandfather proposed to my grandmother

Great Thanksgiving Listen

This is the Great Thanksgiving Listen. In this we spoke with Aidan Cockrell and had a chat about his life.