Taylor & Ozie

Interview with my grandma on thanksgiving, along with some family too.

Interviewing My Aunt Bea

A funky little interview between myself and my aunt, focusing in on some of her most cherished memories.

A Walk Down Kimberly’s Childhood

I interviewed Kimberly and she told us about her most favorite childhood memories. Some of those memories were spending time with her cousins and going to Universal Studios very often with her cousin. She also mentions some childhood nicknames she...

Uncle Doug’s Thanksgiving

Uncle Doug has many fond memories of spending time in Lodi with his family.

Passion Civics EC Interview

Things and people you are grateful for.

Thanksgiving Interview

An interview with my grandma before Thanksgiving dinner.


During this interview, my mother talks about what she is most grateful for and the most important people in her life.

November 18, 2020 App Interview

Thanksgiving traditions and family.

Grandparents Thanksgiving Interview
November 26, 2021 App Interview

I decided to interview my grandmother the day after Thanksgiving. It was somewhat difficult jumping between Hindi and English (she isn’t the best English speaker) but I feel like I did a great job. She was a bit hesitant at...

A Thanksgiving inquisition

I asked my mom about some of her memories and thoughts about thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving interview
November 27, 2017 App Interview

Today we talked about our description. And how we would like to be know as. I asked my aunt 9 questions.

Interview with Laura G

We talk about her live and how I came in her life. We also talked about the 9/11in this 9 Questions interview.

The great thanksgiving listen

Interviewing my mom 10 questions about her memories ,who her favorite person is etc...

Thanksgiving Interview

This is talking about the life of my cousin Julia Tubacki.


The most important person in Colleen’s life

Thanksgiving interview

Jamison and His mom (Betsy) answer some questions about her life and his life growing up.

Thanksgiving Interview

I camryn Wilson and my mother Lakeshia Taylor have a conversation about her childhood and memories.