Interviewing my Nana and talking about her past life

Luisa Nastasi is 66 years old and she is my Nana. We discussed what her life was like in the Philippines and America.

The difference in culture between generations.

Im talking with my grandfather today about the cultural difference between our generations.

Interview with Dad
December 31, 2023 App Interview

This is an interview with my 58-year-old father Scott regarding his adventures in Africa and more.

Interviewing my dad

this is a recording of me interviewing my dad, his name is Ouaes and he is 50 years old. we talked about his life like how it was for him living in India and his immigration.

Conversation with Legend and Paris Brown (Segregation)

My Nana Paris Brown [69] and I talked about segregation and discrimination. She had experienced, which was very little. We also talked about what she did in her free time and other experiences she has seen encountered or heard about...

The great listen: Kay

For the great listen I decided too interview the best grandma ever! She was a bit nervous and tried too be as serious as she could.... However every now and then she asked me too pause it so she could...

The Glennon Interview

This interview took place on January 1st, 2024 between Finn and Brian Glennon. Finn is 15 and his father, Brian, is 67. Some topics that were discussed are family life, traditions, growing up, and work life.

interview mom

My name is fiver the person I interviewed is my mom Adrienne. I am 13 she is 50. She talked about her childhood and her career and me as a baby

Recording – 11-20-2023 07:59:09

I interviewed my partner, Jia James (14) and learned a little bit about her life so far. I learned that her grandparents who were immigrants and how her religion plays an important part of her life.

historian interview

Me interviewing my dad about his experiences during the civil war in el samvador

Mi mamá
February 4, 2024 App Interview

My mothers name is Odilia, she is 46 years old, and we talked about her life now and then.

interview with my mom, Lindalea

I interviewed my mom, Lindalea Ludwick, age 78. We talked about mothering, divorce, and changing expectations for women as well as what she hopes for her children and grandchildren.

Interview With Anijah & Her Greatgrandma Olivia

This is an voice recording of Anijah, age of 15 , interviewing her great-grandmother , age of 76. Anijah asked questions about where her grandmother was from , how it was there ect.

Recording – 11-26-2023 18:16:48

I, Nicholas Bramhall 16, interviewed my mom, Chrissy Bramhall 47, on multiple topics ranging from life to career to politics and covid.

Interview with Frederick Wiles

This interview discusses his grandfather's time as a railroad worker. His father was in WWII and a car salesman. He also shares memories of 9-11.