Our Grandpa
November 17, 2015 App Interview

An interesting conversation about childhood, marriage, religion, etc. He wanted to change "lucky" to "blessed".

Mother Rachel

The Great Thanksgiving Listen interview with my mom, Rachel Valentine.

Brenna Cavanaugh

In tis test recording, Brenna Cavanaugh, a student at Eastern Michigan University, in Ypsilanti, MI, records a practice audio file for the Great Thanksgiving Listen 2021. Brenna Cavanaugh is a student and is majoring is psychology

The Grandma Tapes

An interview with my grandmother about her life.

A Covid Thanksgiving with Brooke & Owen Hiltz

Owen Hiltz (11) talks with his mom, Brooke (43) about how Covid has affected their Thanksgiving holiday and their year, in general.

Em Gathers Interviews Her Sibling, Iggy Gathers, About Growing Up as a LGBTQ Foster Youth

For the Great Thanksgiving Listen in November 2021, Em Gathers (17) interviews her sibling, Iggy Gathers (21), at her dorm in New Jersey. They talk about their childhood and high school memories. They share their struggles and experiences as lgbtq...

Nyah Joudeh and Crystal Jarrouge talk about Crystal’s childhood, family, and thoughts on legacy.

In this interview, conducted on November 26, in Greenville, South Carolina, Nyah Joudeh interviews her second cousin, Crystal Jarrouge, about her memories, beliefs, and thoughts. Nyah prompts Crystal to talk about her childhood including her favorite memory and those who...

Mary Miller and Lee Carlson talk about living in Washington, North Carolina, and Texas.

In this interview, conducted in San Antonio, Texas, Mary Miller (16) interviews her grandmother Lee Carlson (74) about her childhood and moving around a lot throughout her life. They discuss family relationships, genealogy, and hobbies, and Ms. Carlson shares stories...

"Ingrid Kimble Peterson and Joyce Shaw Peterson"

Joyce Shaw Peterson (81) talks with her granddaughter, Ingrid Kimble Peterson (12) about her work as a history professor.

Donna Quinney Hendel and Quinn Hendel

Donna Quinney Hendel, native of Pierre, SD, retired Captain, Nurse Corps, US Navy, interviewed by grandson Quinn A. Hendel.

"Thanksgiving is a time to be with my family" -Addy Ayala

My aunt Addy and I discussed what Thanksgiving means, and what it has meant to her over the past years.

Autumn Gary interviewing Derika Griffin

Derika’s proudest moments in life, life lessons learned, and what her future holds!

Interview Project – Hope Kingdon

I enjoyed doing this interview because I was able to learn more about my grandfather that I didn't know about him before this. He said he enjoyed being interviewed as well. I think it went well aside from the background...