me and mama

i interview my mother about arab culture and tradition

From Italy to America; Pasquale Capocci and Ashley Gasienica.

Ashley Gasienica interviews Pasquale Capocci on November 23,2017 in Schererville, Indiana in Pasquale’s house. Pasquale was born in Castel San Vincenzo, Italy. He grew up on a farm in the mountains where he worked from a very young age. He...

Mr. O’conner And his stories of his loved ones and memorable events

Talking to Mr.O’Connor about his life and the people who are important to him

Interview with an Amazing Man

This was an interveiw with my grandfather about his life and child hood.(he goes on sole tangents

A Mother, A Warrior

A look into the life of a mother who has struggled with previous miscarriages, addictions, and struggles in her life and how she handles her day-to-day.

Great Thanksgiving listen- Melvin

Me and my father talked about the difficult moments of his life and his childhood

The Nix History – part 2
December 10, 2017 App Interview

an interview with my grandma about our family history

Getting personal with my gramps

My grandpa gave a little insight of what it was like for him as an immigrant. I thought it would be a cool story to share since it was an experience he still tells to this day.

Thanksgiving Extra Credit Project Interview

An interview with my grandfather who grew up in Italy and came here when he was young.

LHP Interview

Talking about my great grandfathers immigration to the US and his legacy

Immigration interview

We talked about where she was from and what it was like to live there, and the differences from Japan to the US

Immigration Story

A story of what my grandparents had to go through immigrating to this country given in the perspective of my father.

American Studies Immigration Interview
October 16, 2019 App Interview

An interview on John Fiffy’s experience from immigrating to America from Greece.

Thanksgiving Listen

Joyce Lee came to the United States on May 17, 1990 and worked in assembly. She was able to buy a house with her parents and siblings, and she moved out into a new house in 1999 when she got...

Interview with my Tita Fe

An interview with my aunt about coming to the US and her childhood.

Family Immigration

Talking to Grandma about our family immigration to the United States and growing up japanese American in hawaii during World War II. Her secrets to a healthy prospering family

New Immigrants

talking to Grandma and Mom about immigration story

Immigration Story

My grandma, Elena Valera, age 73, talks about her experiences in America as she immigrated for the Philippines to the United States. Emily Sanariz, her granddaughter, age 16, is interviewing her.

Staycie Immigration story

Interview with Staycie about her migrating to the U.S

Mom goes to Milwaukee

Mother explaing her thoughts and feelings coming to the U.S.

Jessica Lee Am. Studies Interview- Columbia

I speak with my friend Sara, who move here from Columbia, about her experience.

DaJean wells immigrantion project

I interview my mom on the experience of moving to Seattle