Interviewing my Grandma About Her Life Story

My Grandma and I talked about what her life was like as a child. We also talked about how she met my grandpa.

Grandmother Interview

I interview my grandmother who is proud to be my grandmother and Italian. I am sixth of 10 grandchildren.

remembering grandpa

my grandma and i sat down to talk about my grandpa and our memories of him

My Heart, My World , My Mommy

We Talked About What She’s Learned In Her Years Of Living And How I Was When i Was A Baby

Grandma interview

We talked about my grandmas childhood and how it was different when she was growing up

Grandma and Papa

Grandma and Papa share a brief history of their relationship with me.

Great Thanksgiving Listen with my mom

An interview of how my moms life changed throughout the years. How her life has been shaped, and how that was passed down to her children.

Great Thanksgiving Listen with Evelin

Her childhood, family life, Thanksgiving, and recipes.

Rick’s second interview

We talked about Rick’s life and who influenced him the most.

Talking with my mom

Tonight I asked my mom if she would let me interview her for an English I have. I was pleasantly surprised to see how open she was about certain topics and I see her in a new light now.

Thanksgiving with Poppop

Growing up in the early 1900’s. Life, marriage, and family.

Interview with My Father

Talking about my dad’s upbringing in Ireland and coming to America.

The who, what, where and when of how I and my daughters father got together
December 13, 2017 App Interview

My daughter interviewed me asking questions about how and we Jen I met her dad. As well as the day we married and how she came about.

Marci Zehrer

I interviewed my mom about my dad, her job, and myself.

My Grandmother’s Story

We talked about some of her happy memories and stories and people who really impacted her laugh, we also talked about where she met my grandfather.

Nana interview

The summary of Cookie Hart and what is most important to her.