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Samuel Hodges (III) and LaDonna Dingle

Samuel "Sam" Hodges (III) (77) shares memories of his military service in Vietnam with his daughter, LaDonna Hodges Dingle (46). He recalls how he came to be drafted into the military, his memories of his time in Vietnam, and of...

Timothy Drake and Makenzie Dorval

Timothy "Tim" Drake (54) talks to his daughter Makenzie Dorval (29) about his service in the Marines, Army, and Air Force. He reflects on his most impactful deployments and the challenges of retiring from the military.

Henry Bennett and Josephine Bennett

Josephine Bennett (23) interviews her father Henry William "Bill" Bennett (60) about his experience in the military, from his first day at West Point to fatherhood and his transition back into civilian life.

Joel Curtis and Chapin Montague

Joel Curtis (72) and Chapin Montague (23) talk about Joel's life, focusing on his time in the military. He is a self-described risk-taker who served as a navigator during the Vietnam War and later became an operational weather forecaster.

Charita Harmon-Johnson and Daryl Pinkney

Charita Harmon-Johnson (66) interviews her brother Daryl Pinkney (60) about his service in the US Army, his deployments abroad, and his transition back to civilian life.

Carson Honeycutt and Jeb Backe

Carson Honeycutt (36) speaks with StoryCorps facilitator Jeb Backe (26) about his transition out of the military into civilian life. Carson recounts the challenges he faced in the first few years after ending his service in the Marine Corps and...

Eric Clough and Jane Clough

Eric Clough (82) talks to his wife Jane Clough [no age given] about his service in the U.S. Navy. They reflect on the impact of Eric's military service on him, his transition to civilian life, and their messages of love...

Lisa Taylor and Ivelisse Cruz

Friends Lisa Taylor [no age given] and Ivelisse "Ivy" Cruz [no age given] reflect on their experiences as women in the Air Force.

Shirley Lefever and Gordon Bassham

One Small Step partners Shirley Lefever (61) and Gordon Bassham (75) share a conversation about the most influential people in their lives, their values, their work, and their concerns and hopes for the future.

Megan Press and Samantha May

Megan Press (30) interviews her best friend, Samantha "Nacho" May (30), about her experience in the military, what it was like being a woman in a male dominated field, and her transition back to civilian life.