Uncle Bruce
September 22, 2019 App Interview

How a trip around the world finally gave my Uncle clarity

Hayden harris and Kevin bench

I interviewed Kevin bench. I found out a lot of unknown things about him.

Learning about grandma part 2

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in fortuna California. Ryan Gonzalez(15) interviews his grandmother Debbi Kalish(69) about her childhood and moving from the East Coast to the West Coast. Debbi tell stories about trips to Mexico and moving from...

Anya Mammen with Virginia and John Flaherty

This interview is a story about how John and Virginia started their own company, CCO. They were inspired by BackRoads, an outdoor exploration company that they both worked at.

Service Learning Project (Jeannette)

Crazy 9/11 experience working as an airline worker. Traveling to all places in the world except in Antartica.

StoryCorps Interview – English 9 – Charlotte Niblett

We talked about life experiences and parts of how he lived. Lots of talk about travel and family and schooling and such a mild adventures as well as rally’s and such.

One long surf trip, with some buddies, in a trusty van

We talk about his surf trip to the UK and 5 other countries, where he traveled in a van with a few friends.

Interview with my Aunt Aisha

Talking with my Aunt about her interests and the people around her who inspired her to do those things.

Interview with my Grandmother
November 30, 2018 App Interview

Interview with my grandmother about how she moved around during her childhood. We also talked about how she loves to travel and the amazing places she has been.

Great thanksgiving talk with Francisco gonzalez

Born in Durango, Mexico in 1974, My father has faced many obstacles when it came to finance or work wise, he traveled to the US to earn more money and to expand our family tree.

ENGL- Extra Credit

A conversation between two siblings about memories

Thanksgiving Listen 2018

This interview was a conversation with my uncle on Thanksgiving 2018, recorded in Gray, Maine. We talked about his travelling and how that has impacted his worldview on history. We talked about his trip to Berlin and Western Europe during...

Nonfiction- The best adventures of Chris Stengle

My uncle Chris Stengle is an adventurer. He has traveled to 18 countries, and has experienced amazing memories. He shared a few of his favorites with me today.

Papa’s memories of traveling in Germany

My dad started sharing some memories from a long ago trip to Germany

A special Thanksgiving conversation

During Thanksgiving dinner this year, I interviewed an elderly from my church. We talked about her current life, immigration experiences and happy memories.

Phillip du Plessis and Nick du Plessis

My dad’s favorite toys, family life, and life experiences.