Aimee Eckstine

Alexis Eckstine talks to her mother Aimee on her life growing up with a traveling father, and her life lived in Kuwait before the war broke out.

A Great Thanksgiving Listen

My grandmas journey through life and what she has experienced though her life. Also what she learned from others and what helped her become who she is today.

Interview with my girlfriend

In this interview I decided to interview my girlfriend, who I’ve been friends with for well over a year and been dating for about ten months. Her upbringing was very different from mine, but we still ended up in the...

Wouters Life

All about the different places the Hazelhoff’s have lived

News Media Class Interview by Lisa Chen

Backpacking makes her realize how her body is capable of.

This is an interview with my grandma CiCi and she talks about her childhood and my mom.

This interview was conducted on Monday November 20, 2017. I interviewed my grandma, Denise Wilkinson, in Austin, Texas. She told me about growing up and what she did in high school and after. We talked about how she met my...

Our Favorite Places

Grandma and I have traveled a lot, and we love telling each other about our adventures. When she was in some of these places, it was before small cameras and cell phones so I am so lucky that I get...

Life of Gary Schmidt as he travels around the world.

Gary Schmidt (68) is interviewed by Matthew Schulze (15) about his life and travel around the world. Gary speaks about his life and how he was impacted by the freedom he was given. He also embraces his son and what...

Interview with my Grandmother

My grandmother and I discuss her life as a teacher and traveller who hailed from Birmingham, Alabama

This is a practice Interview for the Great Thanksgiving Listen

I am going to interview my father because he’s kinda old and has a very interesting past. He grew up in Puerto Rico only speaking Spanish and then decided to join the army. I hope to find out how that...

“Being a Stepmom, Whatever that Looks Like.”

Kaden talks to his stepmom about her life and what it was like being a stepmom in a relationship with kids already there. He learns a lot about what she did growing up and what it’s like living with arthritis...

A Snap of Louise Griffin’s Life

Louise Griffin talks about the ups and downs of her life, and how she overcame obstacles throughout childhood and adult life.

MCBS Interview

We talked about Kadeene’s goals and where he came from. We talked about what inspires him and why he has such large goals.

My Grandmother

This is an interview with my grandmother who has lived a very full and interesting life. From growing up in a poor village in Greece, to traveling across the ocean to the United States in the seventies, she has gained...


My grandmother and I talked about the ancestors she knew, her childhood and bring up, how things have changed in America, and how she would like to be remembered and the influence she hopes to leave on people.

An Interview With My Mom

An interview with my mom where we discuss her childhood experiences such as bullying, international traveling, nose jobs, and more. We also dive into parenthood and how it has influenced and shaped her life.