Judy Hale Young and Jane Hale

Twins, Judy Hale Young [no age given] and Jane Hale [no age given], sit down for a conversation about Judy's experience in the U.S. Navy, Jane's experience stepping into her non-binary gender identity, their passions for music and literature, and...

The Highs and Lows of Twinhood

my sister interviews me about what it’s like being a twin and how people often treat us unfairly because of it.

“Culture is very important”

Konstantinos was a Greek immigrant who came to America at 14 years old, he sat down with me to record this interview and to tell me stories from his life and how American culture has impacted his life. He describes...

Archie Hamilton and Kathryn Healy

One Small Step conversation partners Archie "Wayne" Hamilton (47) and Kathryn Healy (64) connect on their enjoyment of Shakespeare, the importance of everyone's unique story, and having as well as advocating for people with disabilities.

SusanRobin Schneider and Nalani Saito

SusanRobin Schneider [no age given], also known as Susan Twin To Robin, talks with MobileTour Facilitator, Nalani Saito (24) about her adventures with her twin sister Robin, their family, and dealing with the grief of losing Robin and their parents.

Lane Clark Interview

This interview was about Lane Clark's feelings and views before and after having twin boys.

Exploring Identity as a Twin

An honest conversation with my fraternal twin about her experience growing up as a twin and how her identity and relationship with self has developed over time.

interview with taylor berman

We discussed the pro and cons of playing hockey together and being twins.

Barbara (Bunny) Sims and Bruce Sims

Barbara (Bunny) Sims (73) and her husband, Bruce Sims (74), remember Bunny's father and the role he played in World War II while serving in the U.S. Navy. They also discuss their family, their careers, and the places they've lived.

Larry Julik-Heine

A father who grew up in New York speaks with his daughter raised in the Midwest talk about family, siblings, parenting, love, and miracles.

Twin Talk with Tori

Tori shares her story about growing up with a her twin brother Dylan. Dylan has down syndrome and Tori does not (a 14 in a million statistic). Listen to hear more about these fun, loving, and interesting pair of siblings.

Neil Dion and Ryan Dion

Twin brothers Neil Dion (38) and Ryan Dion (38) discuss what their twinhood has been like for them, family and goals.

A Discussion with Emma and Olivia McMillan

Listen to hear a conversation between Emma and her sister, Olivia, discussing growing up as twins and the nuances of life whilst having someone identical by your side throughout your life.

Heather Florescue and Nicole Collins

Dr. Heather Florescue (43) shares a conversation with Nicole Collins (32) about Nicole’s pregnancy with her sons, her stillborn son, her next pregnancy following that, and about the importance of raising awareness about stillbirths and miscarriages.

My Parents on Their First Year as Empty Nesters and Raising Twin Daughters

Topics discussed include: cherished family memories, the attitudes toward pursuing higher education in the Black community, and the experience of having twin daughters out-of-state in college for the first time.

From the Philippines to America

We talked about my mom’s journey as a Filipino immigrant living in America and the challenges she faced. We talked about parenting and her hopes for me

Audie Lucius interviews his grandmother about her life in Chicago, Illinois.

The interviewee is my grandmother Pamela Walker. Fifty three years old. I am the interviewer eighteen years old. The interview took place on Sunday November 25, 2018 in Chicago, Illinois. In the interview my grandmother talks about what school was...

Grandma Mona, Minneapolis, MN – Xmas Eve 2019

Grandma Mona is the matriarch of the Johnson/ Sulzbach family. I just married into the family & don’t have any living grandparents so capturing those interview was so valuable to me.