Veronica Guevara and Dawn Martinez Oropeza

Veronica Guevara (25) talks with her comadre, Dawn Martinez Oropeza (50), about being one of only a few Latinos in Marshalltown in elementary school, the impact of immigration raids on her undocumented family members, her feelings on racism and classism,...

Teresa Gonzalez (centro) habla de como los Estados Unidos le ha dado derechos como mujer para separarse de un esposo abusivo.

“Estoy libre. Tengo libertad.” Teresa (centro) habla con su colega Mariana (izquierda.) Teresa es una cuidadora de ancianos y una madre de cuatro hijos; 3 recibieron DACA, 1 recibio un título universitario y el más joven empieza universidad este año.

Life Undocumented

I talk to my life-long friend about life and his struggles of growing up undocumented in the U.S.

"Nos conocimos en un concierto de Julieta Venegas en Central Park."

"Estamos tomando un gran riesgo." Marco y su esposa Felicia hablan de como es criar a dos niños pequeños en un matrimonio en el cual uno de ellos es indocumentado.

(Shortened) Interview with Ms. D – “Undocumented Immigrant Migrant from Mexico”

Ms. D works as an art teacher at a school in the south side of Chicago. She shares her story of immigrating to America and migrating once she arrived. She shares her perception in human right violations for immigrants, and...

Obstacles a young mom has to go through

In this interview, conducted in April 2019 in Reseda , California. Damaris Huanosta interviews her older sister Ana Huanosta about her life as a teen mom. Ana Huanosta shares her experience on the obstacles she had to go through to...

"Deseo que todos mis hijos tengan exito a pesar de de que algunos son indocumentados." Maria es intrevistada por su hija Liz.

"[Como padres] sacrificamos estar [indocumentados] en los Estados Unidos por la educación de nuestros hijos. Quiero que mis hijos aprecien la vida en los Estados Unidos, pero espero que tambien valoren la cultura Mexicana."

Joselyn, 18, speaks to her boyfriend, Luis, 19, about the difficulties of college as an undocumented student.

"It would mean the world...to graduate college...show my grandmother that I accomplished something and that the separation was not for nothing." Joselyn moved to U.S.A. at 9 to live with her parents, who left Ecuador to earn enough to feed...

Dolores Arredondo and Nancy Negrete

Dolores Arredondo (40) and Nancy Nigrete (22) share their experiences being one of the few California Latinas at Wellesley College. Dolores explains her path after college and reminds Nancy to have confidence as she sets forth into the job market.

The Important Goals In Life

To start off, I simply interview my sister asking her questions about her life and college life. I feel like this I didn’t know about her I know understood because she explained in this interview.

High school senior Christara speaks to her teacher Jae about her struggle to pay for college and why she cannot return to Haiti.

“When you tell someone ‘go back to your country,’ you might as well be telling them, go die.” Christara, who does not qualify for DACA, opens up about her life and the first time she came out about her undocumented...

Gabriela Cruz & Lidia Roman

Gabriela y Lidia hablan sobre los servicios que se ofrecen en St Jude Neighborhood Health Center en la ciudad de Orange, CA. Los servicios están dirigidos a pacientes de bajos ingresos, sin seguro de salud e independientemente del estado de...

Moving to the United States – Lisette’s POV
December 1, 2015 App Interview

In this recording, I have interviewed my mother on the reasons why she decided to move to the United States and struggles that came with moving to a new country. My mother, my father and I are undocumented. In this,...

Interview with an Immigrant Child

From the context of the interview I had with Leslie, a child of undocumented immigrants, I have become more aware of the challenges faced by such children. A recurring theme I noticed from the answers to my questions regarding their...

"DACA applicants earn every right to be American. They are the epitome of the American Dream and the embodiment of the American character."

Olivia Quinto, a lawyer, chats with Rutgers Law classmates Diego Iniguez-Lopez and Victor Monterrosa, Jr., about being undocumented for 20+ years and how the three classmates' personal histories transform into the political as immigrant rights’ activists.