Interview with dad

Questions about childhood and family history

Grandma and Grandpa Hagstrom

We talked about their lives that they have lived and what family means to them.

Corey and Bo

Corey’s life and how his decisions effected him.

My Aunt And I

I interview my aunt and learned a lot about me and her.

Family heritage
November 6, 2017 App Interview

It's about my grandmother and her family

Love my Momma

My mom and I discussed her childhood, her family, happy and sad memories, and her adult life.

My uncle

Interview with Uncle Elliot

jose + jazmin

Me and my father had a conversation about how he grew up. We talked about older memories that we, on a daily basis don't talk about, and what he'd like me to take into consideration when growing up.

Hon. US Gov

Our family history and my fathers life. We briefly spoke about our relationship and the connection me and my sister have to my father.

Grandmas Life

We talked about the hardships of her life and what she went through. We also talked about how she overcame her struggles in bosnia and finally came to the life that she lives today.

Karla’s Guide To A Lovely Life

In this interview on November 29, 2018 in Norman, Oklahoma, Jaide McCall interviewed her mother Karla McCall about people who heavily impacted her life and shaped her into the strong minded individual and tough mother she is today. She discussed...

A hundred years of memories with Josephine

An interview with Josephine in April 2019, born in December 1918 in westerly Rhode Island. A lover of dogs with a zest for life and a heart of gold.

Giving Thanks

Interviewing my father on his life and the important things in it.

Talking with my Mom

In the interview I asked my mother about her past life, the people a part of her past life, me as a child, and a loved one that has passed.

American Studies

My mom and I talked about my family, where they came from, what they were like, and how they all met.

My Dad, the Crybaby

Moving across the pond, school, and traditional values.

Interviewing my grandma

I interview my grandma about my family and some of her favorite memories

Bio of my mom

It is about my mother’s childhood

Dalal’s Life

In this interview, Dalal speaks about the things that are most important to her in life. She tells about her childhood, family, job, and the most important lessons she’s learned in life.

Luci’s Interview

An interview between my aunt Luci and I for an English project.

Peering into the past

My grandmother and I discuss her disease-ridden past, and look forward to her impressions on a life time of tribulations.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen Interview- Uncle Danny

I talked with my Uncle Danny about his childhood, his favorite parts about our family, and any special memories that stood out to him.