Bffs Since Birth
November 30, 2017 App Interview

Carmen and I have been bffs since birth and here's our interview.

“There are always obstacles in life that will bring you down but at the end of the day…”

I interview my cousin, Jacob de Galicia (20), about his passions and talents. Jacob tells me his influences on his passions, and how he incorporated his talents with his passions to make him who he is today.

Interview with Father

This interview is mainly discusssing the topic of my father and his life growing up as a child in Chicago and raising me

Interviewing my Sister -Eris Perez

I’m interviewing my sister to get a better understanding of her life and to understand he regrets

Zarif Nafee and his cousin Robert share some stories during thanksgiving

In this interview conducted in November 2017, in Chicago, iL Zarif Nafee ( 18) interviews his good friend and cousin Robert (16) about his life. He talks about his grandparents and how he never saw his grandads. And then later...

Interview With My Sister

We talked about how her life has been an experience and how she learned so much in her 24 years of living.

My brother’s teenage years

My name is Linh Lieu and I am interviewing my oldest brother in Chicago, IL on Nov. 28, 2017 who talks about his teenage years and the different jobs he had.

The Blast To The Past With My Cousin

Ayesha, born in India, lived in Abu Dhabi and moved to Richmond, Virginia at the age of eight. She's currently twenty-three with a six-month old son, she's working on getting her PHD in Islamic History at Northwestern university in Chicago....

Family History

The person I interviewed was my mom because of her background I felt she would have good stories to tell us. Throughout the interview she talked about her childhood,struggles, and family struggles. Welcome to her life and being part of...