Brotherly Love

Lucy Miller (16) talks with her grandfather, Bill Bloodgood (80) about his childhood. He remembers a specific vacation in Bass Lake up in the Sierras, they were staying in an old log cabin with bats in it. His parents asked...


Mr.Hartley was a great person to interview because he's very interactive and If I had to do this in the future I would interview him again

Jean & Jessica

I was able to interview Jean on her life. She told me about her childhood, marriage, and more. I enjoyed interviewing her. Although the interview wasn’t long, I was able to learn a lot about her.

Evin Roldan and her mother, Mary, speak about the significance of birthdays and what an ideal birthday would look like.

The following interview between daughter Evin Roldan and mother Mary Roldan was conducted on November 29, 2020. The two discuss the significance of birthdays, focusing on Mary’s ideologies surrounding the holiday. Mary shares stories from her favorite birthday, which happened...

Interview with my dad

This is an interview of my dad, Chris Cummings. Growing up, he liked a lot of similar things as me such as playing outside with his younger siblings and being very involved in sports. He told a story of his...


Andrew talking about his summer vacation

Conors family trip

Conors trip without his dad turned fun and a lot learned.

Interview with my Mom
May 23, 2022 App Interview

I got the chance to sit down and talk with my mom about some questions about her childhood and how she met my dad. Nothing too deep

Twins – Virginia Trip 2013

Cindy and Mindy talk with Eli (son and nephew) about their vacation experience.

Yomari's Community (en Español)

Yomari shares her story about employment, housing, and food insecurity. She reminisces how vacations back home in Puerto Rico or the Dominican Republic are temporary escapes from the hardships of poverty. Through her work with La Casa Norte she has...


Interview with sister, talks about life, goals, and our favorite memories!

John Hess and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: John Hess shares his story growing up in West Virginia, where his family valued traveling and spending time with relatives. After going to graduate school at Cornell, he moved to Andover with his family. He...

Jeff Mitchell and Terrell Mitchell

Jeff Mitchell (44) interviews his father, Terrell "Terry" Mitchell (72), about the family cottage, favorite memories he has with his family, and how he would like to be remembered.

Ideal Vacation

Andrea Cruz, 26, interviewed Mari, 11. Mari is my niece. we discussed Mari’s ideal vacation. We also discussed our previous vacation to California.

IRED assignment

We talked about hobbies growing up. And his dream vacation, favorite animal, and favorite superpower.

A journey to the past.

This was an interview I did with my mother about her past events and thoughts. The interview took place in the kitchen of our apartment in Orange County. I asked my mom about her childhood and how she was raised,...