Bryce House Interview with Shannon Nolan

Shannon Nolan age 46 Behavior wellness coach here at the Bryce house, interviewer Is Roger Saylor age 29 lives at the Bryce house. Shannon speaks about working at the Bryce house what she finds rewarding and the difficulties in the...

“I was known as Chester’s dark-skinned boy”

On March 4, 91 year old Dusty Rhodes, combat veteran, and NAACP member spoke about his life experiences from the balcony he loves to relax on at the Legacy at Cimarron Retirement Center. Here, he discusses his experience being his...

Angela tells her life story, from having an above average intelligence to a devastating brain injury.

Angela was born with an above average intelligence, reading her first novel by age five, beginning college at eight, and receiving her doctorate by 18. After a 25-year career in the military, she experienced various explosions, one of which, in...

Robert Swirsky

This is my interview with Robert Swirsky, a world war two veteran and all-around wonderful guy

On the Level #98: Jean-Claude Malterre, a French American Mason and the Military Degree Team.

Jean Claude Malterre came to America from France for a job opportunity and never left. Since that time, he became a mason in Tucson Lodge No. 4. He is now Worshipful Master of the Grand Lodge of Arizona Military Degree...

Jordan Hall interviews his great grandfather Bill Skinner, who is currently on hospice.

Throughout the interview many questions are asked to my grandfather. We discussed what he is most grateful for. We talked about his time in the air force and how it affected his life. He explained to me what he wishes...

About Richard Needham

Eric DeWitt interviews his girlfriend Emma Needham regarding her memories with her grandfather.

William Alexion

an interview with William Alexion a ww2 navy electrical technician working primarily on sonar/ radar systems. his destroyer was hit by a kamikaze.

interveiw with Vietnam vet

this is a interview with my grandpa who is a Vietnam veterinarian. I talk with him about his traumas and what his job in the military was. He tells a few story’s that are heart breaking.

Life Advice From a Father of 5

This is an interview for an English class that I (Ana Maria) am taking/took during my sophomore year. This is an interview where my dad talks about influential people in his life as well as leaving some wisdom of his...

Ellie Kennedy and Marcia Franklin

Marcia Franklin (60) interviews friend and veteran Ellie Kennedy (65) about her experiences during the Gulf War. They also talk about life after the war, athleticism, and Gulf War Syndrome.

Living History Project

an interview with David Baggio, veteran of Iraq War

Marie Santiago and Danny Santiago

Spouses Marie Santiago (31) and Danny Santiago (33) sit down for a conversation about the highs and lows of the years that they have spent together and offer some of the wisdom that they have gained along the way.

Interview With My Opa

Born one of seven in World War Two Germany, Emil (Mike) Kropf speaks about his life—his experience coming to America, being drafted in the U.S. army, meeting the love of his life on a train and coming back to raise...

Service Learning Project: Life is Short, Don’t Dwell On It

In this interview, we dive into the life of a military veteran and discuss topics regarding his successes, failures, and the importance of the continuation of a happy life.

Family Friend Interview (veteran)

Wilson has been a family friend with me for as long as I can remember. He also served in the military in the Persian Gulf War and the Iraq War. Hearing his stories were really breath taking. It really amazed...