Basement talks

Interviewing the man who developed the guidance systems that put men in space.

The Interview of Paul Orduño

This recording is the interview of 39 year old mechanical engineer Paul Orduño, conducted by Alex Orduño (son). This interviews questions were all personal questions and were answered by personal opinion and perception.

Grandpas Navy career

My grandpas Navy career as a radioman in the 50s, E5

Kylie Stutzman Interviewing Lucas Wheeler

Kylie Stutzman, age 18, interviewing Lucas Wheeler, age 27. Lucas is Kylie's father's coworker. They are talking briefly about his family and focusing on the time he served in the military.

Interview with a veteran who is my brother

Talking with my brother who was in the Navy and left in the middle of a pandemic

Glenn Stroup – Veteran and Activist

Glenn Stroup’s life as military officer, father and activist.

Interview with veteran dad
November 4, 2021 App Interview

In this interview, my dad and I remember his military service.

4th grade class Interviews a Veteran

Mrs. Henry’s fourth grade class interviews a veteran. He is a grandfather of one of the students. Mr. Bernal served his country right out of high school.

Justin Interviews Mike on the Power of Woodcarving

Justin Huynh interviews Mike Davison about his passion for woodcarving, what exactly he has found most meaningful in his art, and how woodcarving all relates back to his veteran background and life experiences.

An Interview with a Veteran

This interview is of my grandfather going into depth about his time serving in the military and other questions that tie into that topic.

Untold Stories of Vietnam

Vietnam War Veteran Kenneth L Strohm Jr. (77) and his grandson Connor Hanula (17) discuss stories of the Vietnam War. From entering college to assimilating back into American society after the war, this interview captures the story of Kenneth L...

Keaton and Steve: Conversation about Vietnam

An interview with my grandpa. Stephen Field, a Vietnam war veteran.

Bop Bop on life

My Grandfather, Luke Howe (or Bop Bop) talks about his life as a child in the cold war, his experience as the owner of a hardware store, and how he intends to live the rest of his life.

Rita Marie Concannon Veteran Interview on Lou Federici

Interview with Veteran Lou Federici on his military experience in the United States Navy.

Interview with Arthur “Art” Jacobs

infinity Hospice Care works in partnership with StoryCorps to interview our terminally ill patients.  It is a privilege for us to be able to record their stories so that future generations can learn and benefit from their experience.

Korean War

Arnold Wells (88) discusses his experience in the Korean War at only 17 years old.

Robert Swirsky

This is my interview with Robert Swirsky, a world war two veteran and all-around wonderful guy