My grandmas story of growing up and present day Pt 1

Grandma on my dads side, Linda Geppert, in Kansas City MO. In this interview we talk alot about how my grandma grew up. We also talked alot about how she views modern society differently because of her experiences. Finally, we...

My Mother’s experience as a Vietnamese immigrant

I interviewed my mother about her experience immigrating to the United States. She talks about her hardships and favorite memories in middle school and college. We also discussed how she met my dad and we talked briefly about me as...

Interview with my mom

interview with my mom and her experience coming from Vietnam to America

Karla Durán Palazuelos and Iohann Rashi Vega

Karla Durán Palazuelos (37) y su amigo Iohann Rashi Vega (37) conversan acerca de las creencias de Karla, sus experiencias como voluntaria, y sobre su tienda de mercado justo. [Karla Durán Palazuelos (37) and her friend Iohann Rashi Vega (37)...

life of a military wife full length

My grandma was surprisingly very open about sensitive subjects such as losing a husband in the Vietnam War. I learned a lot about her.

John my cousin tells about of his history

In this interview, on November 2017 in Wylie, Texas, Cristine Ma interviews her cousin John. He shares his thoughts on life, a bit of his beliefs, and family. John shares intimate details of his grandpa, from living a beautiful life...

Flying Grandpa

“I had a lot of proud moments, but I had a lot of disappointments too.” The Air Force is about more than just serving your country, and my grandpa Gobel James understands that very well, as he experienced all of...

Grandma Hoa

interviewing grandma about her life and personal topics

Great Thanksgiving Listen 2017

This interview took place in Chantilly, Virginia on November 26, 2017. I will be interviewing my neighbor, Duy Nguyen about his life in Vietnam, his family, and how he came to America. We will also be talking about some Vietnamese...

Caroline Whitcomb talks with her grandmother, Connie Gilmer

In this interview, conducted in November 2017 in Birmingham, Alabama, Caroline Whitcomb (17) interviews her grandmother Connie Gilmer about growing up in Birmingham. Connie shares her stories on living through the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. She also...

OSU Student Riots

My grandmother was on campus during the 1970 Vietnam War riots on the campus of Ohio State University.

Roger Keaton LHP- Vietnam War

My father, Roger Keaton, discusses life as an American teenager during the Vietnam war. He discusses his opinions about the war and the anti-war movement of the 60s.

My Grandpa's Life Story!

This is a short clip of my grandpa's life in the military and the Fire Department.

A Bathroom Break from Vietnam to the United States – An Immigrant Story

Chad Goodman was a seven-year-old boy in Vietnam during the Fall of Saigon. His mother realized that the only way that her children could have a better life was if she could give them up to adoption, which also meant...

Grandfather Interview (Vietnam Vet)

We talk about his childhood, time in Vietnam, and events that took place during these times

Ken Whitehorn and Joe Holsonback

Ken Whitehorn (67) and Joe Holsonback (68) talk about their experiences in Vietnam, the impossibility of talking about war among civilians, and dealing with symptoms of PTSD.

Michael Bradley Interview

An interview about what going to Vietnam was like and a little bit about the experience there.

John’s Journey

In this interview, I talk with my dad, John Biasetti, about his childhood and how his father immigrated to New York City in the early 1900s. We also talk about his time in Vietnam and what he would say today...

Vietnam War

Ed Lahay talks about Vietnam war