My grandmas experience in Chicago surrounding the Vietnam War and 1968 Democratic Convention.

Emily Reome LHP

My grandmas experience with the Vietnam draft.

disrespect after Vietnam

have you ever gone to war and come home and people think you are a disgrace to the country. that's what happened to my grandfather. listen to this interview and hear about his experience from Vietnam.

Interview with 82nd Airborne Vietnam Vet

The interview consisted of stories about his service in basic training. While the war ended before he could go over, he went through basic training and then jump school to join the 82nd Airborne.

Land of Oportunity

“When you have a good opportunity in your life, you should take it. Use it to improve your life and those after you.”-Dennis Bragg (I asked him how we should summarize it)

My Grandmother’s Interview #TheGreatListen

My grandmother has lived an amazing life and today she will be sharing it through this short but informational interview.

Vietnam war pt. 1

My grandfathers perspective of the Vietnam war while working for the Air Force

Vietnam War

I asked my grandfather to describe his opinion on the Vietnam War as he lived through it.

The Past to Present Life

This interview is about Mary Nguyen telling us some of her backstory about the Vietnam War

Vietnam war- Brenda Davis

The vietnam war and the view from hom

Emily Kizer’s grandpa, Don, tells what life was like in Texas in the late 20th century

In this interview, conducted in 2017 in Fort Worth, Texas, Emily Kizer (14) interviews her grandpa, Don Kizer (67), about his childhood and family life. Mr. Kizer shared what life was like during the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam...

Vietnam captive

Talks about before and after captured by the north vietenmise

My Grandmother

I was interviewing my grandma and talking about her childhood and her life.

Diane Salmonsen Interview

Diane Salmonsen grew up in Pennsylvania and is fun and free spirited. Halloween is her favorite holiday and had many family jolkes. Being a military wife was hard during the Vietnam war

The Great Thanksgiving Listen 2019

My grandparents high school years and early years of marriage. Memories and jobs that they had.

Rich and Christina

school in the 1951 in Chicago private school; 1963 high school. Working in Chicago at the CTA and getting drafted for Korea 1965 May.

Military memories

My great uncle talks about how/why he joined the military and his feelings during this time of chaos.

The importance of family

In this interview, conducted in April 23 in Orange, California. Gabrielle Wilson(21) interviewed her grandmother Dianne Wilson(80) about her life growing up. She talked about family and her childhood with her 2 sisters and 1 brother. She also talked about...

Grandaddy’s Life

My grandpa, Ike Wilson, told me about his life in the airforce throughout the Vietnam War. He also told me about his life and family.

FYS Interview about the theme of Legacy with Ken Groves by Hunter Groves

I interviewed my grandfather, Ken Groves, for my First Year Seminar class at Marshall University. Our FYS class has been focusing on critical thinking and how thoughtfully developed and artfully asked questions can lead to enriching and enlightening stories. Frank...

Grandpa Volz and his involvement in the Vietnam War

The inside story to how an ordinary young man gets drafted into the Vietnam War. He shares his experiences in the Vietnam War along with childhood memories.

Josh Higginson interviewing his grandma and grandpa

I interview mostly my grandpa with help from my mom and grandma. We talk about where he grew up, his time in the air Force, meeting my grandma, and moving to America.