Dan Heale and Melissa Huff Althoff – Father/Son Veterans' Honor Flight for service in WWII and Vietnam War

Dan Heale talks with his niece Melissa Huff Althoff about his experience of taking an Honor Flight with his father Tom Heale (then just shy of 100 years old) accompanied by nephew Jon Huff from Dayton, OH to Washington D.C....

Anh Dao Nguyen’s interview

We have talked about her life experiences, and some of her experiences living in the US.

Dad’s childhood and escaping from Vietnam to the US

The story from birth to now. And I think I said the wrong date during the interview. Whoops

My Grandpas Migration Story

He talked about why they had to come to this country. He also talked about why some had to stay back.

Oral History of Captain Bruce W Rider, USAF (Retired)

This is part one of the story of Bruce Rider. A retired Vietnam War Veteran talks about his childhood, education, and joining the military.

Vietnam to America

My uncle talks about his journey from Vietnam to America and his opinions on what America was like compared to Vietnam

Sophia Velezis- Interviewing my grandpa, Papa Pete, about the history of his life.

In this interview, on November 24, 2018, in Vestavia Hills, Alabama, Sophia Velezis interviews her grandfather, Peter McGrath, about his life growing up in Michigan during the cold winters when he ice skated to the warm summers when he water...

Vietnam War – Draftee Experiences

The experiences of Mr. Gordon during the Vietnam War era, specifically the drafting periods. The interview covers how it was like to live during that time period.

Stephen Fuller – Vietnam War and the 1960s

I interviewed my grandpa over his thoughts and feelings about the Vietnam War. I asked him some questions about training, and his personal life.

How my Grandpa got out of the draft for the Vietnam War

My grandpa and I talked about how his life could have been different if he would have been drafted to the Vietnam war.

Geoffrey hunter hopwood part 1

Part one covers the younger years through Vietnam

Interview with my Grandma and Grandpa

Learned new interesting, valuable things about my grandparents. Very fun project and I’m so happy I did it.

The Great Thanksgiving Listen By: Max Kennedy

What we talked about were the experiences in childhood and the marriage between my grandma and grandpa.

Interview with my grandfather

A brief chat with my reserved and quite Grandfather about his time in the military.

Pedro Caro and the Vietnam War

This interview is me interviewing my grandfather, a husband or and amazing woman, grandpa of 10, great grandpa of 4, and a Vietnam Veteran.

The Amazing Life Story of a Great Grandma

I interviewed my great grandmother Neva Schupp on October 14, 2018 to get to know her are her life better. To my surprise, I walked out of this interview knowing more than I could imagine on her amazing life story.

Interview With my Great Grandmother

Learning about my great grandmother’s journey from Vietnam to America and her advice to the younger generation.

Inside A Verteran’s Story

In this interview, I talked with my grandma, Richard Gervasoni, about his experience in the military.

Vietnam War

My grandpa explained his experience in Vietnam War

A Slike in Vietnam

Stories of my father in the Vietnam war

Grandpa’s life
January 13, 2019 App Interview

I got a lot from this experience and I learned more about my grandpa that I think I ever have