Oral history project with Papa

Questions about Vietnam war and where my grandpa was

My Grandfather

I interviewed my grandfather about his life.

Vietnam War

My dad’s and his parents experience of the Vietnam War.

Tuan Cao STORY Interview (Part 2)

In this interview, Tuan Cao goes into more detail regarding his refugee screening process and his current perspectives on foreign involvement in the Vietnam War.


My grandma and I spoke about her life in Vietnam through the Vietnam War and how she has to survive through communism. She spoke about the lengths she went through to keep her afloat while her husband was in jail....

Tran Tuong Nhu story share with her son Ky-Nam

Conversation between mother and son, joined midway through by father, touching in her upbringing in Viet-Nam and Europe, how she met her husband, and the most pivotal moment in her life.

Interview with Ron Evans

interview with my grandfather about his time in the war and his struggles throughout his life.

1970’s Interview With Kimberly Mentzer

Speaking with Kimberly Mentzer about her time and remembrance of the 1970’s.

Maddy Degryse interviewing Art Degryse

My grandpa’s got in lots of trouble as a kid. My grandpa couldn’t communicate with his family while in the military.

IRP Report: A talk with my grandfather.

I had a talk with my grandfather about the Vietnam War and his experience in the Navy.

Vietnam War

Jess Gordon was almost drafted for the Vietnam war. This is his story….

An interview with Grandpa Charleston about the Vietnam War

My grandpa talks about his experience with being drafted in the war and how he felt about the United States being involved in the war.

Life in the 60s

My Aunt Linda talked about her life in the 1960s and how she met my Uncle in 1970.

Thomas Cochran and his grandmother, Ginny Holt, reflect on her childhood memories and stories about raising her family.

In this interview me and my grandmother, Ginny Holt, discussed events about her childhood and my parents childhood. She is 76 and lives in Louisville, Kentucky. We then discussed historical events such as 9/11 and the Vietnam War. These events...

Interview with my mother, Eileen Mach

An interview with my mother, who was born and raised in Vietnam up until the age of 24. Almost two decades after the Vietnam War, she and her family were finally able to move to the the United States. She...

Growing up as a child during the Vietnam War

This is my dad talking about what his life was like from his earliest childhood memories of his family and what it was like during the Vietnam war as a kid.

Ken Nguyen Interview part 2

My dad talks about life during the Vietnam war, the struggles he went through to get to the U.S., and how he was assimilated into American society