Interview with my grandfather

My grandfather was able to tell me about his life as a child, his hopes and wishes for his family, and his life in the service

great thanksgiving listen 2019- jade petersen

My grandmother lived in Vietnam until 1975. She grew up in Heu, where she lived in a convent from ages 12-17.

Interview with Grandpa

My Grandpa joined the military during the Vietnam was. He knew he would be drafted if he hadn’t joined, and was doing everything he could to avoid combat.

Francis Long – The Vietnam War

In this interview we talking about the Vietnam war and how it affected my grandpas life and kind of how it affected life in general as well.

Kathy Jacquart and Patricia Jacquart

Kathy: 2020-05-27 23:28:00 Kathy Jacquart (53) talks with her mother, Patricia Jacquart, about her life, her education, her teaching career and her thoughts on the covid-19 pandemic. Patricia share fond memories, lessons learned and advice for future generations.

Grace Keenan talks to her grandmother Kathleen Keenan about losing a brother and friends in war, living in a pandemic, and advice

In this interview, conducted on November 24, 2020 in New Hampshire, Grace Keenan interviews her grandmother Kathleen Keenan about some of her childhood experiences. Kathleen (Kathy) talks about what is was like losing a brother in the Korean War in...

Interview with my Grandfather

In this interview, I get to know my grandfather better who experienced hardship in his life. As one who lived through the Korean War as a child, my grandfather would go on to serve in the Korean Army as a...

Ken Interview

My dad talks about his experience in the Vietnam War and how he came to the United States

Memories About My Life

I’m interviewing Donna Tolar, and this is being recording in Fort Mill, SC. This was recorded on January 15, 2020. Donna shared many stories and memories about her life. She talks about her having to almost send off her husband...

LHP Vietnam War

My Grandpa’s experience in the Vietnam War

Julia Pham and Khoa Pham (father) discuss childhood memories, cultural influence, and parenthood.

On November 26, 2020 in San Antonio, Texas, Julia Pham (14) and her father, Khoa Pham (50) talk about his childhood in Vietnam and high school experience. He speaks about his experience being an immigrant at 15 years old and...

My Grandmothers experience as a psychologist during the Vietnam War by Isabella Valenti
May 21, 2022 App Interview

I interviewed my grandmother (Maggie Marshall) who is a psychologist and she talked about her experience in that field especially during the Vietnam War dealing with victims.

StoryCorps Interview With My Grandpa- Jackson Greene

In this interview I talked to my grandfather about his life. We talked about his childhood, Vietnam, and my grandmother. Bill is 78 and I am 12. He suffers from dementia so there were a couple of things that were...


We discussed Charlie’s career trajectory.

Interview With My Dad!

During the interview, my dad spoke about his childhood growing up in Vietnam. He describes his life before, during, and after the Vietnam War.

Insa Wood with Jerry & Helga Bell

Helga and Jerry Bell tell their daughter Insa Wood about the first couple years of their marriage in the mid 1960's as Jerry prepares to go to Vietnam.

1960’s 1970’s growing up

My grandmother lived during the 60’s and 70’s and she explained the hardships and goods of those time periods

My Grandpa Was a Vietnam Medic

In this interview, my Grandfather goes into detail about his time enlisted as a Medic during the Vietnam war.

Interview of former Marine Donald J. Dubas

We discussed his life as a marine, his family members that fought in Korea and Vietnam, his race riot experience, the Cuban Missile Crisis, and his political opinions and affiliations during the 1950s and 1960s.

The voice of a soldier-Raul pastrana

My grandfather was a war vet so most of the questions were about Vietnam.