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Lamar Van Dyke, Paula Lewis, and Traci Lewis

Lamar Van Dyke (66), Paula Marie Lewis (70) and Traci Lewis (47) talk about their experiences as they relate to each other. Lamar is Traci's birth mother and Paula is Traci's adoptive mother. They talk about what their lives were...

Myron Laban, Charles Pickett, and Mercedes Pickett

Artist Myron Laban [no age given] is interviewed by his friend and roommate Charles Pickett (25), and friend Mercedes Pickett (29), about his work as an artist, the origin of his "Uplift" series, his reminiscences of childhood, his engagement with...

Mary Hill and Wealthia Jackson

One Small Step conversation partners, Mary Hill [no age given] and Wealthia Jackson [no age given], discuss their backgrounds and experiences and how those shaped their beliefs.

Sue Hansen and Ken Hansen

Spouses Sue Hansen (57) and Ken Hansen (58) explore their uncanny connection and its anchoring in a shared love of beauty.