Korean Defense

Information about the Korean Defense

Story of an immigrant

Ali is talking about his experience when he moved to a new country

Iraq war

My uncle Ken’s thoughts and emotions on the war in Iraq, speaking about how he felt then and what the effects are.

9/11 from my fathers perspective.

I talk to my father about experienceing 9/11 and its overall effect on our nation. Where he was, how it effected his own life, and how our government responded to such an event. I was too young to really experince...


My partner and I are talking about the results of 2008 presidential election and how it was effective.

Interview about 9/11

An interview with my dad about 9/11 and his thoughts about the event.

The Vietnam War- Cheryl Tank

I speak with my mother about our family's experience during the Vietnam war.

2000 Election

Kevin Robert’s thoughts on 2000 election

Civil rights movement

Interview with my grandmother on her recollection of the 1967 Detroit rebellion

First Gulf War 03/24/19

What was talked about was what the First Gulf War was and how it personally affected my father.

Interview with my mom about the Iraq War.
November 27, 2018 App Interview

I learned a lot about the Iraq War from my mom’s point of view.

Recalling 70 years ago

We talked about getting drafted to the Army in 1950 and serving 2 years as a drill sergeant and then in the mess hall.

Detroit Riots of ‘67

A glimpse of what happened in the eyes of my grandmother (and special guest star my grandfather). She wasn’t at the scene but close by.

1967 Detroit Riots

This is an interview with my grandmother about her experience in Detroit while the riots were taking place.

Detroit Riots 1967, rebuilding of Detroit post riots

Interview of my Grandfather of the 1960’s in America and the Detroit Riots.

The Vietnam War

Interviewing my grandmother about her experience growing up in the era of the Vietnam War

Janice Adams Speaks out about 9/11

My name is Monét Adams and I interviewed my mother Janice Adams about the tragic event of 9/11. She was able to live through this event and now she is speaking out about her emotions.

September eleventh

Briefly learning about ones experience of a tragic event