Philippines culture

In this interview I have a very special guest who's Filippino and we talk about their general culture

Weather Interview

This interview is about extreme weather and how effects people’s day to day lives.

Extreme Weather
November 8, 2017 App Interview

Chayse Levy interviewed her grandma Eileen glass ,who lives in Florida about how hurricanes impact her life , and how she prepares for them.

Extreme weather events with Julian Irving and Elizabeth Bhar

We talked and learned about weather events in Elizabeth’s life

Interview with my sister
January 4, 2021 App Interview

A meaningful conversation about weather and childhood.

"There were are two paths, figure out how things work or figure out to forecast things." an interview with Paul Stackhouse

Paul Stackhouse is a sun chaser, but in his case it means measuring the surface radiation budget. This means figuring out how much sunlight gets to the surface of the planet, and takes a deep understanding of factors like cloud...

Global Warming Interview

Asking my friend his views on global warming, ways to prevent it, and how it affects people in everyday life.

Weather Affects

She was stuck in a sailboat with no motor in high winds due to the lines getting caught in them.

"Something I learn today is something that [could help] society tomorrow." an interview with Patrick Taylor

While Patrick Taylor spends a huge chunk of his time in the clouds, his work has nothing to do with daydreaming. The Research scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center is working on understanding more about the role of clouds in...

The Industry of Meteorology

Matt Dinardo discusses his career, journey, and the changing industry of meteorology.

"I love to solve puzzles. The more pieces of the puzzle you get, the larger the puzzle becomes. " an interview with Ingrid Hendy

Ingrid Hendy, Professor at the University of Michigan and section president-elect, shares stories about discoveries in her field and the challenges she faced. She reflected on the curious zebra striped sediment that lured her into her field – mud she...