interview of Parents meeting & wedding

Interview with my mom

We mostly just talked about my moms childhood and then I asked a few questions about her and my dads wedding day. I also asked a few questions about her inspirations and motivations.

the Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about her past and some people that have been big influences in her life and also talked about my father as a child

A real wedding surprise

My grandpa tlaked about this bizar moment that had occurred on his wedding day, 38 years ago, he had received a phone call from his half sister. He then talked about how later on there was a family reunion that...

McKenna Steiner interviews her grandmother, Bunny Steiner, who shares stories about growing up in a 1950s small town.

On November 26th McKenna Steiner interviews her grandmother, Bunny Steiner at their home in Plano TX. Bunny gives details about her life growing up in the 1950s as a Catholic in a small town. She tells of the fun and...

Maureen Elias and Dustin Elias

Maureen Elias (44) talks to her husband, Dustin Elias (44), about their Army careers, their marriage, and the experience of parenting while serving in the military.

Me and my Grandpa

Me and my grandpa talk about some interesting parts of his past, and his commentary on them.

Interview with Nancy and Michael Anderson

Talked about many things including their parents, grandparents, what life was like growing up, school, holidays, and the military. Very interesting and learned a lot about my grandparents that I did not know.

Anne & Jay Cobb’s 60th Wedding Anniversary: Sept 2019

How Anne & Jay Cobb met, fell in love and were married 60 years ago. The qualities that they value in each other. Their advice to others for a successful marriage.

Daniel Ewald and Jon Kmetz

Spouses Daniel Ewald (37) and Father Jon Kmetz (53) talk about their experience getting married in a mass wedding for same-sex couples on Druid Hill Park during Baltimore Pride Week in 2013.

Grandma Rak

We talked about some of the important things in my grandma's life and how she felt during those times

Aexa Whitehead and Larry Whitehead: marriage

A father and daughter talk about marriage on her wedding day.

Ashley McGowan and Whitney McGowan

Sisters Ashley McGowan (33) and Whitney McGowan (31) talk about childhood memories, experiences living in Chicago, New York, Barcelona. They also share they favorite and saddest memories growing up.

The Weddings

We met at a wedding, eloped 6 weeks later- and told no one, then had a “formal” wedding a year later.

Nancy Winski, Mark Winski, Emily Eikelberner, and Charlie Winski

Emily Eikelberner (50) and Charlie Winski (45) interview their parents, Mark Winski (76) and Nancy Winski (75), in honor of their 50th wedding anniversary. Mark and Nancy tell the story of how they met, fell in love, and got married;...

wedding day interview for school

My brother and I ask my mom to reminisce about her wedding and what it was like.t

Our Romance

We talked about our first date and our wedding date 17 years later.

Interview with Grandpa

In my interview I ask my grandpa many questions about his life. Some of the questions I asked him included his life growing up,how him and grandma met, about my dad and how he was as a child. We also...