Alex Hernandez Interviews Elaine Kyle About Her Childhood At Colorado Springs

When I interviewed Elaine Kyle, we talked about her childhood and how different it was than how it was today. She talked about her parents and how she grew up. She also contexted that it she remembered the days of...

American Girl dolls
July 8, 2019 App Interview

I interview my mom about American Girl dolls. It’s my first interview!


This was longer than expected, but funny and sentimental. It was interrupted a few times by outsiders but overall love was the main feeling.

My Grandfathers Childhood

Growing up in a poor economy area of Rosario Argentina Hugo Solano’s childhood was mainly focused on soccer, friends and family. He always played soccer since he could kick a ball at young age with his friends. He lived in...

Alessandra Fakhoury and Lori Ajloni

Alessandra Fakhoury: Alessandra Fakhoury talks with her aunt Lori Ajloni about her childhood, family, and more.

School Assignment

I interviewed my dad about his childhood, grandparents, and lessons that he thought were important.

Story Corps Final Per 4 History

Me and my mother discuss certain topics of interest. While not thorough about the information provided, it’s quite emotional

Interview with my grandma (Nana)

I interviewed my grandma about her life and some memories she has about our family.

interviewing uncle ron

me interviewing my uncle rom about his life

Interview a Community Member

Interviewing my uncle, Pablo Prendes on the influence food has had on his life

Interview with Alice Thompson Martin

Alice talked about her childhood and her love for Hickman County.

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about my sister’s,(future sister in law), past. She talked about where she grew up, how she dealt with some things, and she shared a little of how she could’ve done things differently.

Rosa Solano and Miriam Landa

The road my mother and I had to travle to get were we are now was not an easy one. In our conversation we talk about her passed living in Mexico compared to here. We also talk about the fact...

Grandma and I reminiscing.

Grandma and I talking about her childhood memories and life with grandpa.

Chatting with Henry

I talked to my father about life, love, and lessons learned. We covered everything from nicknames growing up to biggest regrets.

Cool Dad

We talked about if he had a nickname when he was younger and what he did when he was a teenager/child. We also talked about some work stories.