Interview with My Dad!

I interviewed my dad, Frank Pittman. We discussed a range of things. We began by talking about his earliest childhood memories and his most vivid memories. Then, my question about his greatest accomplishment led to a familial discussion, most notably,...

Sahana Vinothkumar and Roshni Ramesh

Sahana Vinothkumar: 2022-11-30 01:10:48 Sahana Vinothkumar and best friend Roshni Ramesh start with a slightly guided conversation that spirals into mirrorballs, fuel-efficient submarines, and friendship or something. They also exhibit horrible time management.

Evelyn Seda-Sierra and Erick Sierra

Erick, 35, interviews his mother Evelyn, 55. They mostly discuss Evelyn’s mother, Cruz AKA “Mamacita” - her story and how she shaped future generations of the family.